Penis enlargement surgery expectations

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Managing expectation is a daily part of every Cosmetic Surgeons work. Surgeons want to deliver the very best results possible for their clients, and most of the time they certainly do.

However, over promising good results can lead to problems. There can be nothing worse than a misunderstanding between a Cosmetic Surgeon and his Patient.

When it comes to penis enlargement surgery, the Cosmetic Surgeon has to ensure that his Patient has realistic expectations. Really, this is no different to any other cosmetic surgery operation, a breast enlargement, liposuction or tummy tuck for example.

However, there is no doubt that some men have wild expectations as to what can be acheived with penis enlargement surgery. Their vision of what size they would like their penis to be, goes beyond what is physically possible.

Of cours, most Cosmetic Surgeons who perform penis enlargement surgery can spot these Patients pretty soon into the consultation.

There is no way that any Cosmetic Surgeon is going to be able to increase the size of a penis by six or eight inches, it just isnt possible.

Most men who decide to undergo penis enlargement surgery know exactly what they want. Their expectations are realistic and they appreciate that whatever the Cosmetic Surgeon can give them in terms of lengthening and thickening their penis is a bonus. Remember also, that we are talking about a penis here. Even a gain of a few centimeters can make quite a difference to an otherwise small penis.

If the Patient has a normal size penis to start with, then the Cosmetic Surgeon is going to want to be sure that the Patient is having the surgery for the right reasons and that he is sensible in terms of his expectations. Those unfortunate to have a condition called ” micro penis” are usually happy to let the Surgeon do his best.

For those who are considering a penis enlargement operation, the first place to start is with a consultation from an experienced penis enlargement surgeon. It is here where all of the Patients expectations can be properly evaluated to see if he is going to be happy afterwards.

A consultation is the starting point for any cosmetic surgery procedure and it is also particuarly true of penis enlargement surgery.


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