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Take a look at just some of the ways we try and make your experience the best it could be.


Your consultations are carried out in private clinics and hospital environments. In other words, nobody other than our team members you are meeting will know why you’ve come to see us. Confidentiality is at the cornerstone of what we do.

Consultations and assessments are carried out in relaxed surroundings where you can chat openly with us so your requirements can be clearly understood and met.

We have consultation centres in central London, Sheffield and Preston.

Remember , we also offer online zoom consultations with all Specialists so if you would rather have a consultation from the privacy and comfort of your home, you can do with pleasure.



Make an appointment for an initial consultation today. We can go through some facts and figures with you and explain all the different payment options that we have, including interest-free finance and no deposit finance.


The Hospitals

Hospitals are chosen carefully to enable us to ensure that you are going to be cared for in the best possible way when you arrive for your procedure

All hospitals are fully registered with the Care Quality Commission. This organisation regulates and inspects private hospitals. It publishes reports online about its findings so if you ever wanted to check out the hospital chosen for your procedure, then you can do this quickly and easily by visiting the care quality commission website. You can visit the CQC website here:


We work with a number of hospitals in the UK.

Your Specialist will discuss with you which hospital is most appropriate for you. This depends usually upon the procedure which you are having. Some hospitals may also have particular facilities or equipment which others may not for your particular procedure.

In all cases, fully qualified and registered Anaesthetists are on hand for all matters pertaining to your anaesthetic in the event that your procedure requires a general anaesthetic. Moorgate retains a number of anaesthetists many of which hold substantive posts in the National Health Service

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