Surgeon Confidentiality

At the heart of the relationship with you as our patient is Surgeon Confidentiality.

We know at Moorgate Andrology that you will probably want to keep the details of your surgery or treatment completely private, and that’s fine of course.

All Surgeons are bound by Patient Confidentiality at all times. At Moorgate, you can have every confidence in your Surgeon confidentiality and his wishes to respect your privacy at all times.

As you go through your surgical journey you will come to realise that more than one person is involved in the whole process. It takes a team of individuals with various skills to put your procedure package together. All are also bound by Patient Confidentiality and at the centre of all of this is your Surgeon.

Your Surgeon may count upon the opinions and skills of others in his assessment of your condition. For example, your Surgeon may need further information from a Specialist or GP in the event that you suffer from certain medical conditions, which may need to be assessed prior to your procedure taking place.

If this is the case, the Surgeon will always ask your permission prior to contacting your GP or other Specialist.

Before most operations can take place, there are certain tests that need to be done to ensure that you are fit and well enough for the procedure.

Your Surgeon may order blood tests or similar investigations. The laboratory may not necessarily know which procedure you are seeking, your Surgeon can advise you about that, but routine tests will usually be prescribed for all procedures involving general anaesthesia.

Sometimes the Surgeon may request an assessment from the Anaesthetist who will be responsible for your Anaesthetic.

As part of the consultation process, the Surgeon may ask you about next of kin details. Although these are recorded in your medical notes, the Surgeon would only ever contact a relative in the event of an emergency.

Your Surgeon may advise you that it’s always worth telling your GP that you have had a medical procedure. In some cases such as penile implants, the GP may already be involved, and good communication channels will be opened between your GP and your Moorgate Andrology Surgeon.

Moorgate Andrology Surgeons are committed to Patient confidentiality, and your Surgeon will do everything he or she can to ensure your wishes are met. Contact us today for any inquires you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

We are a nationwide organisation with locations across the UK.

What do you offer?

Moorgate Andrology is at the forefront of male genital surgery in the United Kingdom. We offer a range of both surgical and non-surgical options for male cosmetic surgery.

How can I pay?

Getting cosmetic surgery has never been so affordable, and now we’ve made things simple and stress-free with a choice of male cosmetic surgery payment plans including flexible finance options. We’ll help you understand what options you have when it comes to taking out a loan. Learn more here.