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Dedicated Advisors

We have a dedicated team of staff to guide you through your surgery. We wanted to highlight this journey and how our team will be involved helping you every step of the way.

Throughout your journey with Moorgate, you will be guided from our trusted team, from our patient coordinators to your surgeon, every step of the way you’ll be in contact with a member of our team.


Patient Co-ordinators

We have a small team of Patient Co-ordinators who are there to give you broad advice about your surgical procedure. A Patient Co-ordinator is there to give you an overview of the procedure that you are interested in. They can help with matters such as finance and advise you of available consultation and operating dates. They will also be a point of contact throughout your surgery, a friend on the shoulder and someone you can turn to for help and advice anytime. Our Patient Co-ordinators are on hand to assist you throughout the process.

Our Patient Co-ordinators also visit our provincial clinics to offer help and support at the Specialists clinic sessions.

They are there to support you right through the process until your very last check-up. Our Senior Patient Co-ordinator has over 40 years of experience in this role.

You are appointed a dedicated Patient Care Coordinator whom you will get to know from your first inquiry.

Patient Care Team

We have a dedicated team who focus on the actual process of your surgery Our patient care team comprises a pre op and post op team. Our Pre op team will help provide all the required steps before your procedure. This may include, relevant tests or investigations and appointments. Our post op team will help arrange all follow up appointments with your Specialist. Having separate teams for each part of the journey means that we can provide a high level of individual patient care for every patient.

The Specialist

Key to everything, this is the Urologist or Gynaecologist who will perform your procedure. Many have Consultants posts in the public health system with many years of training and experience in their particular speciality. Most of our Specialists are unrivalled in their clinical an surgical experience, so can be confident that you have found the right Specialist for your procedure. All are on the Specialist register of the General Medical Council.

The Anaesthetist

It is probably fair to say that most people focus on the Specialist , but the Anaesthetist is a very important part of your surgery journey. He is responsible for your overall safety in terms of your surgical procedure. He or she is going to want to know that you are and well enough to undergo the relevant anaesthesia for your operation. In some cases, he will request to see you or speak to you regarding aspects of your medical history.


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