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Genital Surgery

When you can no longer see your penis

When you look down at your penis, can you see it? If not, you may have a problem with excess pubic fat or tissues. This excess pubic fat can cause a bulge which makes your penis impossible to see. Worse still, it can make your penis look “buried” within these excess tissues and essentially makes your penis look small.

On some occasions, we perform a pubic lift together with penis enlargement surgery for men who wish to rejuvenate the entire mons pubis, genital area.

What causes this Problem?

Excess pubic fat and pubic tissue is usually caused by weight gain. Also, the older you get the more likely you are going to develop problems like this.

When you have this unsightly bulge “down there” it can lead to a lack of self confidence and sometimes a misguided view that your penis has actually shrunk.

Your trousers don’t seem to fit properly because of this bulge and you never feel as if you are looking your best.

You may even have discomfort around the band of your underwear through the pressure that the bulge exerts.

It is very difficult to reduce this excess tissue with exercise. If you are overweigth then a diet will help, but if you have lots of overhanging skin then a diet may make matters worse.

Pubic Lift Surgery removes excess fat and skin in the pubic area. This is normally undertaken to make the penis appear larger, as the overhanging/excess fat may make the penis appear smaller/buried.


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Pubic Lift Surgery

You could consider a pubic lift surgery to remove excess fat and redundant skin in your pubic region. This will result in a more pleasing aesthetic appearance and when you look down at your penis , you will be able to see it once more.

The mons pubis where the Surgeon will focus lies below the abdomen and just above the genitals.

A pubic lift procedure removes excess fat through a liposuction procedure and the Surgeon removes the excess skin tissue too.
A pubic lift is performed under general anaesthetic and takes around two hours. You may be kept in hospital for one night after the surgery.

The medical term for a pubic lift is a “monsplasty”.

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After pubic lift surgery

You should arrange to take some time of work after surgery. If your job is quite sedentary then one week may be enough. If not, then allow two weeks for recovery. Your surgeon will advise you in terms of other activities such as gym and sport, which you may need to cease for up to one month. Similarly, you should not engage in sexual activity until advised to do so by your Surgeon.

It is normal to have some bruising and swelling in the area after surgery. This will settle down over the following week or two.

After surgery the appearance in your pubic region should be markedly improved. This will lead to greater self confidence and an improvement in your personal relationships if these were affected by the condition previously. Your clothes will fit you better too.