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Juvederm volux Penis Filler 

Another long-lasting penis filler is Juvederm volux

This filler has a long track record of safety and delivers superb results. It’s easy to mould after treatment. Juvederm Volux gives a nice firm feel to the penis shaft.


All Juvederm Volux penis filler treatments are performed only by G.M.C Urology Specialists. Why put your trust in Doctors with no specialist training in genital procedures?

Over the years we have perfected the injection technique and we were the first to introduce cannula injections for better results.

Juvederm Volux can give superb girth gains of 1 to 3 cm, possibly more, depending on the volume injected and the length of the penis shaft. We recommend between 10 and 20 ml for first-time patients. Remember you can build up slowly to the girth size that you want or take the maximum of 20ml for a real impact.


Please don’t be tempted to buy unregulated filler in the UK. Some are contraindicated for the genitals. We do not recommend mixing Juvederm volux with PLLA or PMMA semi-permanent fillers, due to the potential risks and complications. We do no offer semi-permanent fillers at Moorgate, but we do see the complications from some providers that still do 

How is Juvederm volux different for penis enlargement?

In a nutshell, Juvederm Volux has the potential to last up to two years.  

This penis filler is easy to mould after treatment and gives superb reliable results. After the initial massage period, you can get back to sexual activity in just two weeks.


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How does it compare to other penis fillers?

Now, you have the benefit of a long-lasting filler from the same family. Some of the advantages of Juvederm Volux are:

  • Higher elasticity and cohesivity. Enables the Urologist to create a smoother and more uniform injection flow
  • Easy to Mould allowing the Urologist to mould the product immediately after the injection. Integrates with your tissues as early as one week after treatment
  • World-renowned and trusted hyaluronic acid filler Used extensively as a deep tissue filler, therefore perfectly suited as a penis filler
  • Has the potential to last up to two years
  • Long track record of safety trusted by leading Urologists

What makes Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology the United Kingdom’s choice for penis enlargement?

  • All treatments performed only by GMC Specialist registered Urologists (very important)
  • More penis enlargements carried out than any other UK provider
  • No unregulated penis filler is used at Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology
  • Interest free finance available up to 50 % of the treatment cost
  • Treatment available in London, Preston and Sheffield

Penis Enlargement Surgery Before & Afters

Below are examples of before and after undergoing surgery.

Back to Work? Same Day. Long Lasting? Up to 2 Years. Cost? More expensive than Neuramis. Results? Visible immediately

For some time now, our patients have been asking us for PRP treatments, usually as an added benefit to their usual penis enlargement injections. We are delighted to announce that PRP treatment is now available, first, at Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology. If you are having penis enlargement injections to thicken your penis and would like to get maximum benefits while you are here, or maybe just you fancy a ‘tune up’ for your penis, this is the perfect treatment option for you.


How does the cost compare?

Cost per ml £ 350

Nueramis Volume is £ 132 per ml based on 15ml + ( on special offer at the moment ) 


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To find out how much your penis filler will cost use our free Finance Calculator.

For an appointment or for more information get in touch with us today, and you can be sure that you are getting the very best value together with the safest products available for penis girth enlargement.

Juvederm Volux Filler FAQs

All Juvederm Volux penis filler at Moorgate Andrology is performed by GMC-registered urology specialists, who have the experience and professional expertise needed to work with delicate and complex genital organs.

We highly recommend you choose GMC-registered urology specialists to perform your penis filler treatment, as this ensures the filler is injected and moulded correctly – increasing the girth of the penis without side effects such as:

  • Unsightly lumps and bumps
  • Uneven penis shapes
  • Nodules
  • Infections
  • Hematoma, excessive bleeding, and excessive swelling

GMC registration is also essential because it ensures the doctors practising have the training, skills, and experience needed to meet the standards patients expect and have adequate and appropriate insurance – to ensure patients are not left out of pocket if rectifying treatments are required.

For more information, you can use the webchat to speak to a member of the Moorgate team or fill in the enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Most Juvederm Volux penis filler appointments are completed in around an hour, but most people feel well enough to return to work or further education the next day.

However, if you have a very physical job, you may find that you are not sufficiently comfortable enough to return to work – so you should wait for around a week.

There may be some tenderness and swelling for up to two weeks after your treatment, which is to be expected, and alongside over-the-counter pain relief and a little rest, should subside in its own time.

There are some further aftercare instructions that you should follow during your recovery, which will give your treatment the best chance of success. This includes avoiding:

  • Physical exercise and manual labour for 1 week
  • Sexual intercourse and masturbation for 4 weeks

Your GMC-registered urologist will go through clear aftercare instructions with you before and after your procedure and can offer personalised advice about resuming day-to-day activities like work, exercise, and physical intimacy – so book your consultation for more information.

Post-treatment massage after Juvederm Volux penis filler is an essential part of aftercare and should not be neglected.

Post-treatment massage should be completed by following these simple steps:

  1. Rub your fingers along the penis from the base upwards towards the shaft in small, gentle, circular motions.

You are trying to feel for lumps which could be filler that is not yet absorbed and smoothed out. Rubbing these lumps encourages the filler to disperse, smoothing out and helping the penis enlargement be more even.

  1. Next you should use your derma roller to further smooth out the penis, moving upwards from the base up the shaft.

The derma roller should be used in long, smoothing motions, from base to tip rather than the circular motion you used with your fingertips earlier.

Using the derma roller, you can smooth out the shaft with the rolling, while also diminishing any scars or pigmentation that are located at the injection sites or were pre-existing.

Your specialist urologist will go through all of this with you when you come in for your consultation and during your filler appointment, so feel free to ask any questions about the massage technique at this time.

If you are unsure if penis fillers are for you, or if you have any other questions about your treatment, you can chat with our patient booking advisors Monday to Friday on 020 8163 2959.

If you are keen to increase the girth of the penis as much as you can, it can be tempting to consider opting for the most filler possible at your appointment.

While Juvederm Volux can give impressive girth gains of 1 to 3 cm, possibly more, depending on the volume injected and the length of the penis shaft, it is not always recommended to opt for the maximum 20ml of penis filler the first time.

As such, we generally recommend between 10 and 20 ml for first-time patients, allowing you to build up slowly to the girth size that you want.

Using too much filler can result in an increased chance of aesthetic problems like lumps and bumps or asymmetry, and health problems, such as difficulty with moving the foreskin, which can result in the need for emergency circumcision in the worst cases.

Our GMC-registered urology specialists will discuss your preferred look with you during your consultation and always advises patients on how much filler should be used to avoid the chance of complications, based on their anatomy and hopes for penis enlargement treatment.

For more information, use our on-screen webchat or fill in our enquiry form – we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.