Changing Lives

Penis Enlargement Surgery

We have helped hundreds of men regain their self confidence. The uplift in confidence after surger is incredible to see.

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Penile Implants

A successful penile implant restores sexual function. To someone who has battle with impotence for years it can be a game changer.

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Peyronies Disease

This is a bend in the penis. The bend can get worse over time. There are now advances in treatment for this which straighten and restore sexual function.

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Men have scrotoplasty because excess scrotal can irritate or to give the genitals a more normal look. This greatly increases confidence.

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Testicle replacement

For those who have lost a testicle through illness or injury. By matching the implant to the other testicle we can restore the look of the genital area.

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In many cases the reason men have this done is due to damage to the foreskin or it’s too tight. This procedure removes the foreskin and retraction.

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Congenital Curvature

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Penis Enlargement Injections

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Platelet Rich Plasma

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Pubic Fat Pad Removal

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

We are a nationwide organisation with locations across the UK

What do you offer?

Moorgate Andrology is at the forefront of male genital surgery in the United Kingdom. We offer a range of both surgical and non-surgical options for male cosmetic surgery.

How can I pay?

Getting cosmetic surgery has never been so affordable, and now we’ve made things simple and stress-free with a choice of male cosmetic surgery payment plans including flexible finance options. We’ll help you understand what options you have when it comes to taking out a loan.

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