Is penis enlargement surgery covered by private medical insurance?

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A number of patients who already have private medical insurance ask us if their insurance could cover a penis enlargement surgery.

Penis enlargement is considered by insurance companies as a cosmetic surgery procedure. Private medical insurance companies do not cover cosmetic surgery procedures. These are considered to be elective procedures and as such, they are not covered.

All patients who come to Moorgate Andrology for penis enlargement surgery self-fund their procedure in some way. Of course, it is possible to obtain finance for penis enlargement surgery, either through the finance provider for Moorgate Andrology or through the patient’s own bank. There are also many finance providers that can be accessed online.

If a patient has a functional problem with their penis this is an entirely different matter. Where there are problems such as Peyronies disease, which is an acquired disorder, then private medical insurance companies may consider covering such procedures to remedy this condition.

We offer a range of finance options to cover the costs of all the procedures we perform.

For further information please contact our expert team.

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