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Suspensory ligament surgery makes your penis longer

It is a surgical procedure to release the hidden length of the flaccid penis. It is often performed together with an autologous fat transfer to increase the flaccid and erect girth of the penis at the same time.

The suspensory ligament is a thick fibrous ligament hidden deep underneath the pubic bone. The function of the suspensory ligament is to keep the penis upright when it is erect, this is the only function of this ligament. When the ligament is divided through a half-moon incision at the base of the penis,  this manoeuvre pushes the penis forward and makes it hang to a lower position.

This action increases the flaccid length of the penis between one and two inches for about 95 % of patients. In a few rare cases, the increase can be slightly less than one inch or slightly more than two inches. It should be remembered that the penis can only be lengthened in the flaccid state. It is not possible to increase the erect length of the penis with this surgery. In all cases, patients are given a traction device six weeks after surgery to help increase the erect length after the suspensory ligament division.

To avoid reattachment of the cut ligament our Uologists use your own surrounding tissue to act as a barrier, therefore preventing the ligaments from joining up again. We are the only centre in the UK to offer this technique.

Other providers will either place a silicone implant in place but this means you have a silicone implant in your body for the rest of your life. Implants also come with risk of infection and displacement. However an implant is certainly a better option than doing nothing once the ligaments have been divided. Unfortunately, some providers are not taking any steps to prevent ligament reattachment and it is then only a matter of time before the penis shortens again.

After ligamentosis the angle of the erection changes by about ten to fifteen degrees lower. This is mostly unnoticeable when patients are looking down at their penis. It does not impact sexual performance in any way.

It also has no impact on your fertility.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Suspensory ligament surgery is a popular procedure to help increase the flaccid length of the penis.

Men who are concerned about how their penis looks when flaccid, can benefit from this operation.

We see many men who avoid activities such as gym sport and even sex, because they don’t like the look of their penis when flaccid.

A division of the suspensory ligament can increase the penis length between one and two inches in most men

The cost of surgery is £6995. This includes pre op tests and all surgery fees. The surgery is performed by a GMC Specialist registered Urologist (very important) and in a care quality commission private hospital. The fee is a day case fee which means you go home on the same day as the procedure. Additional costs will apply if you wish to stay overnight in the hospital. This is not required if you have someone to collect you from the hospital, later the same day.

Suspensory ligament surgery can increase the flaccid length of the penis, typically by one to two inches.

Every man has additional length that can be released by the division of this ligament. The action of dividing the suspensory ligament causes the penis to slide forward and hang to a lower position.

We cannot tell in advance exactly how much extra length each man has; however, we know from experience that in 95 % of men this extra length is between one and two inches. 5 % of men will get either a bit less than one inch or a bit more than two inches, but this is unusual.

During the surgery, a silicone buffer can be anchored to the pubic bone and placed between the two cut ends of the ligament. This helps to prevent reattachment of the ligaments and therefore the results of this surgery are permanent. Suspensory ligament division surgery is often performed in conjunction with a fat transfer to increase penis girth.

Suspensory ligament surgery has become very popular in recent years as men look to a permanent way to increase their penis length.

This surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and takes just one hour. Patients can go home on the same day.

The suspensory ligament is a thick fibrous which when divided causes the penis to move forward and hang to a lower position. This gives the appearance of length gain in the flaccid state. Most men will achieve impressive length gains of between one and two inches.

The incision to access the ligament is a small transverse incision at the base of the penis, in the natural fold that men have. This helps to hide any scar.