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VolumeX, the original penis enlargement injection.

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Hyaluronic acid has been used in penis enlargement for many years. But Moorgate Andrology were the first clinic to bring hyaluronic acid for penis enlargement to the UK.

This specific hyaluronic acid filler, VolumeX, is a deep tissue filler, giving lasting and reliable results. Be careful about which dermal fillers are being offered at other clinics, as there is a huge concern in the UK regarding the safety and origins of unregulated dermal fillers.

With the right product, hyaluronic acid can give immediate penis enlargement in both the flaccid and erect states of the penis.

Will it suit me?

We call our HA filler, VolumeX. This is a great product if you want instant results without the need for surgery. It is also particularly suitable if you are young with elastic skin.

Moorgate always use a cannula technique for their treatments. Again we were the first clinic to introduce cannula techniques for HA penis enlargement in the UK, others have followed. By using a cannula technique we can achieve superb symmetry along the shaft of the penis and reduce bruising and swelling to minimal amounts in almost all cases.

Your penis will be thicker by 2 to 5 cm both in the flaccid and erect states after treatment. The exact increase depends on the amount injected and the length of your penis to start with.

We can inject up to 20ml of hyaluronic acid in one treatment. This gives superb girth gains in most cases. You will see a much thicker penis, but natural looking at the same time. Further treatments can be performed to give even greater gains where desired. If you are wanting penis enlargement injections that last longer than VolumeX, why not try our ultimate filler, VolXtra which lasts 2 years!

For some time now, our patients have been asking us for PRP treatments, usually as an added benefit to their usual penis enlargement injections. We are delighted to announce that PRP treatment is now available, first, at Moorgate Andrology. If you are having penis enlargement injections to thicken your penis and would like to get maximum benefits while you are here, or maybe just you fancy a ‘tune up’ for your penis, this is the perfect treatment option for you.

The Hyaluronic acid injection works by adding extra thickness to the penile shaft by immediately increasing the volume of the penis.

HA penis enlargement safety record

Hyaluronic acid has an excellent safety record. It is used mostly in the face to correct lines and wrinkles and for cheek augmentation. Make sure that you only choose a premium Hyaluronic acid for your treatment.

Another benefit of Hyaluronic acid is that it is completely reversible. An enzyme called Hyalase can be injected which immediately breaks down the product in the unlikely event that you encounter any minor, stubborn, lump or bump formations.

Moorgate are the only clinic in the UK to offer free Hyalase treatments to all of their patients where required.

We advise that you need to refrain from sexual activity for one month after treatment. This is because the HA needs time to settle down. Having sex too soon can cause the filler to migrate.
Some clinics are suggesting that sexual activity can be started after one week of having HA injections to the penis. But we have seen men who have done this, and ultimately they have caused problems with unsightly lumps.

Be patient, good results are around the corner. Refrain from sex for four weeks. Don’t take our word for it, respected penis enlargement medical publications advise four weeks of no sexual activity after penis enlargement injections.

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    How long does treatment take?

    Treatment time depends on the amount of VolumeX injected. In most cases treatments take between one and two hours. In this time our Urology Doctors can inject between 10 and 15ml of Hyaluronic acid, depending on the look and volume you would like to achieve.

    Who performs the treatment?

    All Moorgate treatments are performed by Urology Doctors and Specialists only. These Doctors have special training in genital procedures and have an in depth knowledge of the anatomy. Always choose a Urology Doctor for your penis enlargement treatments as you can be assured you are being treated by an appropriately trained and experienced professional.

    What does it cost?

    To find out how much your Hyaluronic acid injections will cost use our free finance calculator.

    At Moorgate we have an ever growing gallery of before and after photos of previous treatments. If you add yours to the gallery then we give you a Complimentary 1ml of Hyaluronic acid as a thank you. You can take a look at some of our Hyaluronic treatments by clicking the gallery link here.

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