Guarantees and Revisions

At Moorgate Andrology we work very hard to make all aspects of your treatment and care with us, crystal clear.

Moorgate guarantees excellent service starts from the moment you contact us and ends at your very last checkup.

Moorgate Andrology guarantees our excellent service starts from the moment you contact us and ends at your very last check up.

Take a look at what makes Moorgate Andrology the most famous male genital surgery company in the UK today:

We guarantee that we will provide you with comprehensive information about your procedure in advance. This information includes all of the following:

  • Comprehensive consultations with our Urologists, Nurses and Psychologists where required
  • Comprehensive written information about your procedure that explains all the facts
  • CQC registered Hospitals for all surgical procedures
  • Guaranteed GMC Specialist registered Urologist for your procedure, surgical or non surgical
  • Aftercare directly with your Urologist and his team that’s personalised and tailored, just for you
  • We guarantee to treat you with dignity and respect at all times.
  • We guarantee that we will be there to listen to your hopes and expectations for any procedure you are looking to undertake.
  • We guarantee that for any emergency re-admissions to theatre following a surgical procedure, as part of our Moorgate Guarantees you will not incur any cost.

No other UK provider offers such a complete and personal service.

Contact us today and lets have a chat about your personal requirements. Remember, all zoom video consultations with our Urologists are completely free of charge.

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