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Neuramis HA Filler

Neuramis Filler is an exciting addition to the Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology penis filler range, and it is the most popular choice for those looking for a keenly priced filler with lasting results.

Neuramis Filler offers excellent value with most patients topping tup at around 18 months.

It’s our most competitively priced penis filler too with big discounts on 15 ml and over.

Neuramis filler penis filler is a CE-marked dermal filler, this is important.

Why Neuramis for your penis ?

Neuramis dermal filler gives you everything:

  • CE-marked dermal filler that can last up to two years, puts Neuramis filler in the longest-lasting category of penis fillers.
  • Firm penis on erection (no soft, squidgy results)
  • High Visco-elasticity. Therefore easy to shape and mould after treatment
  • Based on the same PH as the body

Neuramis penis filler will increase the girth of your penis in both the flaccid and erect states.

It can also make the penis look a little longer when added in a reasonable quantity, due to the weight of the filler enabling the penis to hang lower.


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Please don’t be tempted to buy very cheap, unregulated filler in the UK. Many of these have no track record in the penis, and some are actually contraindicated for the genitals.

We strongly recommend against using semi-permanent fillers offered by some other UK penis filler clinics. Lump and bump formations with these products can be very difficult to treat, leaving lasting complications.


Penis Enlargement Surgery Before & Afters

Below are examples of before and after undergoing surgery.

Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology have some of the most famous Urologists in the world offering the very latest penis fillers


How much Penis filler should I choose?

Most patients start between 10 and 20 ml of filler in the first treatment. The ultimate increase in girth depends on the amount of filler injected and your penis length. If you have a long penis, it will take more filler to reach the same point as someone with a very short penis. Moorgate Neuramis is superb value with affordable choices across any volume you choose.

Most patients achieve a one to four-centimeter increase in penis girth with around 15ml of Neuramis filler, depending on penis length. Results will vary from patient to patient, but the beauty of this treatment is that you can see the increase in your penis size in real-time as the treatment is being performed. You can always choose to have more filler on the day or call back another day for more filler if you want the penis even thicker.

Most of our patients do not have more than 15ml, as this is considered the optimum amount for superb results for most patients.


What are the alternatives?

Our other penis fillers, also offer high-quality fillers with good duration. They are more expensive than the Neuramis filler, which at the moment is the best penis filler value in the UK.

For more information about Neuramis penis filler, or to book a treatment, get in touch today.

What is the cost?

1ml to 14ml – £ 175 per ml

15 to 20ml – £132 per ml

All penis filler prices are on offer at the moment. Our standard penis filler price is now £ 175 per ml reduced from £ 225 per ml.

Our 15ml penis filler price is currently one of the lowest in the country for a Urologist based treatment 

Neuramis Filler FAQs

Yes, you can! We have interest-free finance available over one year up to £3000. This is enough to cover the initial cost of treatment for most patients depending on the quantity chosen. It takes just a couple of minutes to check your eligibility for finance.

Most patients return for top up treatments at around 18 months. Of course, you will choose when you would like to come back for a top up. You can top up sooner or later. At around 18 months most patients find that absorption rates are between 30% and 50%. The top up treatments are therefore much cheaper because you don’t need as much filler.

All treatments are performed only by GMC Specialist registered Urologists. By choosing a Urologist for your penis filer you can assured of being treated by a medical professional with specialist training in genital procedures.

You do not need to take time off work after penis filler.

After penis filler, we will show you how to massage the penis 4 to 5 times a day when you go for a pee. This will help keep the filler evenly distributed as it settles into the penis in the first two weeks. It’s easy to do.

There is no minimum amount, although most patients will have at least 10ml in the first treatment. If we place 1ml for example, you will not see any difference. Most patients have between 15 and 20ml in the first treatment which gives a nice result, no matter what length your penis is. Going forward, you can always return for more filler if you would like it even thicker.