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This is a surgical procedure to re-shape the labia minora. The labia minora are flaps of skin that can be seen either side of the opening of the vagina. Many women choose to have labiaplasty because they do not like how the vagina looks with prominent labia. In other cases it is performed for functional reasons where the labia are uncomfortable in underwear of , for example, riding a bike or a horse. Other factors that affect the way the labia looks include aging, childbirth etc.

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Labiaplasty: After the procedure

You should arrange to take some time off after the procedure. Most patients take around one week of work. If your job is quite strenuous then you may need a little longer. You will have been discharged from hospital with pain relief medication and a course of antibiotics. It is important to complete the course of antibiotics even if you feel better. These will help minimize the risk of infection. Avoid sporting activities for one month and sexual activity for the four to six weeks.

At first the area will feel quite sore. You may notice some swelling of the labia with some bruising. Please ensure that you use sanitary towels rather than tampons and comfortable underwear.

You should make sure that you keep the area clean to help prevent infection.

Labiaplasty: Risks and complications

Most patients who have labiaplasty do so without any complications. Of course all surgical procedures carry some element of risk, , and you should be aware of them. Labiaplasty risks include

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Bruising and swelling
  • Temporary numbness
  • Asymmetry
  • Risks associated with general anaesthesia

The Specialist will explain the risks to you at your consultation

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Your Patient Journey

If this is your first experience of having a surgical procedure, we understand it can be a bit daunting. In this short guide we outline the steps from start to finish of your procedure, so you can see the pathway to a new you!

1. Step One

Everything starts with a simple phone call or website form enquiry. Our patient co-ordinators are on hand to give you all the information you need and then arrange a free video consultation for you with one of the Specialists. This stage enables you to find out the facts such as likely costs, what the surgery fees include, available dates for surgery, what aftercare is included etc.

2. Step Two

This is your consultation with the Urologist or Gynaecologist. This is where you find out exactly what can be achieved for you. Here you will discuss your hopes and fears for the surgery. You also get to ask questions directly to the Specialist and of course he will carry out an assessment. At this stage you may also book your surgery or confirm a pre booked date. Any pre-operative checks will also be done, and any pre op tests needed will be arranged for you.

3. Step Three

This will be the day of your procedure. You will go to the hospital at the admission time and meet your Specialist once again , together with his medical team. The Anaesthetist will come to see you before the procedure and discuss the anaesthetic with you. Then the nursing will take care of your right through the day to ensure a pleasant and smooth experience.

4. Step Four

This is the period of your aftercare. Your Specialist will see you for follow up in the hospital and on video to ensure a smooth recovery. You will also have access to our patient care support team whenever you have any general questions. We want you to be totally supported after your surgery and pride ourselves in the aftercare and support we provide our patients.

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What type of anaesthetic is used ?

A general anaesthetic is used for labiaplasty. This will ensure that you do not feel any pain furring the procedure. The procedure is short, only taking around one hour. After recovery from the general anaesthetic , which takes about two to three hours, you will able to go home

How long should I take off work ?

Allow one week off work after the procedure. This is enough for most patients. If you have a job involving lifting, then you may need longer

When can I have sex again ?

Allow four to six weeks before sexual activity. If you are in any doubt ask the Surgeon.

Can I use tampons ?

We advise to use sanitary towels at first until everything has healed

What kind of underwear is best after labiaplasty ?

At first the area will feel sore. Wear loose fitting underwear until everything has healed

Do I need to shave the pubic area before surgery ?

Yes, you should completely shave the pubic area with clean razor on the night before, or the morning of the procedure.

When can I go back to the gym ?

Allow four to six weeks before going back to the gym after labiaplasty. Similarly, avoid cycling and swimming for the same amount of time. We want to avoid anything which will delay healing or increase the risk of infection

Is labiaplasty permanent ?

Labiaplasty is considered a permanent procedure. Assuming you do not experience any post-operative complications that require revision surgery, this is a one time procedure.

Is finance available for labiaplasty ?

Finance is available subject to status. It may be possible finance part or all of the surgery cost. Please contact us to discuss how you can pay monthly for the procedure.

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