Helped Thousands of Men

It’s true to say that there are very few penis enlargement surgery providers in the United Kingdom. The other factor here is that not many men want to share their experience of having the surgery, almost all tell only those that have to know or absolutely nobody at all.
These two factors combined almost keep penis enlargement surgery a little taboo.

The surgical procedure demands great skill from the Surgeon and specialist training in the technique. This training is not always available to Plastic Surgeons. Urologists and Andrologists are perhaps closer to this area of surgery and are more likely to have had relevant training. On the whole, men like to keep the idea of having cosmetic surgery of any kind very private, maybe it’s just a guy thing. When it comes to surgery of the penis or the genital area, then very few want to discuss it openly. This is perhaps in stark contrast to women who, on the whole, are happy to tell anyone that they have has cosmetic surgery.

In truth, cosmetic surgery is now widely accepted in modern society, and most people know someone who has had a procedure of some sort. We continue to carry out hundreds of procedures each year for men all of which are male genital procedures such as penis enlargement surgerypenile implantsscrotoplastytesticle replacement surgery and circumcision to name a few. We have helped thousands of men with penis surgery.

Our BBC documentary “The Penis Extension Clinic” certainly opened the floodgates for penis enlargement procedures. Countless men visit our clinic telling us that they had wanted to have the procedure done for years, but had no idea where to go.

Our procedures performed now run into the thousands and Moorgate is now the most famous brand for male genital surgery in the United Kingdom. Our focus going forward is to continue to carry out world-class procedures with some of Europe’s leading Urology specialists. If you are thinking about having a surgical procedure, then you would be forgiven for thinking that you are the first. This is especially true if you are considering one of the procedures above. However, rest assured that many men have trodden the same journey that you will. We have helped thousands of men with penis surgery, and our procedures change men’s lives for the better. It would be our pleasure to help you change yours.

Everything started for the thousands of men with penis surgery with a single phone call or email. Like most things in life, it’s taking that first step that is the hardest. We know this because many of our Patients tell us that it took a lot of courage even to give us a ring. Once you have made that first contact you will feel more positive about things because you have taken steps to get your problem sorted out.

We have consultation centres throughout the UK, and we would be delighted to sit down with you and have a chat about your hopes and expectations for your surgery. Quite often we have Patients who are willing to share their experience of surgery with us. There are not too many to be perfectly honest because as mentioned before most men keep everything under wraps, but we do have them, and they are willing to chat with you.

At the cornerstone of everything, of course, is the Surgeon. A visit to him will hopefully inspire you and give you the confidence that you need. We are very proud of our surgical team, and we are sure that you will be completely satisfied with the information and help you are given before you decide to proceed with any surgery.

So, if you are hoping to join one of the thousands of Moorgate Patients get in touch today.

We look forward to seeing you in your nearest Moorgate Clinic soon.