Testicular Enhancement Surgery

Many men are unhappy with the size of their testicles.

This may be due to atrophied testicles or merely because they don’t feel that they fill out the scrotum enough.

Testicular enhancement surgery is becoming more popular as more men learn that such surgery is possible. It is an aesthetic surgery to improve the appearance of the genitals overall.

Sometimes testicular enhancement surgery is performed at the same time as penis enlargement surgery to increase the length and girth of the penis. This combined surgery is perhaps the ultimate makeover for the male genitals.

To increase the size of the testicles and to fill out the scrotum, we use testicular implants placed adjacent to the “ real” testicles. It is not possible to remove the real testicles and replace them with larger implants, because this would result in infertility.

By placing implants adjacent to the real testicles it will give the appearance that the testicles are bigger. The implants used are in fact testicular implants. The same implants are used to replace a missing testicle. They are available in various sizes and a good match is usually easy to find.

Testicular implants are made from silicone gel and have been used for many years in Plastic Surgery and Urology, mostly in testicular replacement surgery. It is only in recent times that Testicular enhancement surgery has gained popularity, largely through the work of Moorgate Andrology in this field in the United Kingdom.

The procedure is performed under a general anesthetic and it takes around one hour. In most cases, you can leave the hospital on the same day. Depending on the type of work that you do, expect to take up to one week off. You will need to avoid the gym, sporting activities, and all sexual activity for six weeks. It takes a little time to heal.

Initially, the scrotum will be swollen and bruised, this is normal. This settles down over the six-week recovery period.

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