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Many men have one or both testicles replaced at some time in their lives

This may be for a variety of reasons.

Here are the most common reasons patients approach Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology for testicle replacement surgery.

  • One or both testicles have been removed. This is a procedure called Orchiectomy
  • Loss of a testicle due to trauma
  • Removal due to testicular cancer
  • Removal of an undescended testicle as a child
  • Removal of a twisted testicle (torsion)
  • One or both of the testicles have become smaller (atrophied)

What is testicle replacement surgery?


Why have testicle replacement surgery?

Most men undergo testicle replacement surgery because they are embarrassed by having just one testicle. This can affect personal and sexual relationships. They feel that both testicles are important to ensure their sexual ability.

How does the surgery work?

Testicle replacement surgery is usually performed under general anaesthetic and takes around one hour. In most cases, you can go home on the same day. Although Andrologists have their own preference in terms of an incision, it is common to use an incision in the midline of the scrotum to keep any scars to a minimum and largely unseen. The Surgeon will make a new space for the implant to fit. The implant chosen with you will be the one that most closely matches your other testicle in the case of replacing just one. Some Andrologists prefer to place a suture to avoid the testicle implant from migrating from the scrotum.

After the procedure

You should arrange to take a few days off work following testicle replacement surgery. The amount of time off will vary depending on the type of work that you do. Our Andrologists will advise you at your consultation. Most men who have a desk-bound job return to work at around one week.

You should expect some discomfort after your surgery you will be given antibiotics and pain relief medication. Your new testicle will feel natural and lifelike. The Andrologist may ask you to pull down on the scrotum at first to help prevent any migration. This may be done once or twice a day.

It is helpful to wear loose-fitting clothing after surgery. Avoid wearing trousers such as tight jeans. Keep your clothing as comfortable as possible in the first week.

Testicle implants are very durable and should last you a lifetime. A testicle implant would need to be replaced in the event that it became damaged due to injury for example or in the event that you encountered a postoperative infection.

Avoid heavy exercise and activities such as cycling for at least two weeks or as directed by our Andrologist.


What should I do next?

The next step would be to arrange an initial consultation regarding testicular replacement surgery. We can give you more information and details about cost and our flexible ways that you can pay for your procedure. You will have the opportunity to come along and get all the facts from our Andrologists and decide together if testicle replacement surgery is right for you.