Average Penis Size By Country – Infographic

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We’ll bet that nearly every man has, at some point, questioned how they measure up.

Here at Moorgate Andrology, men come to us in their droves, self-conscious about the size of their penis and whether it is normal in comparison to the average penis size by country.

They want to know if they are about average, or even better- above average!

Luckily, a systemic review was published by the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) which measured the flaccid and erect penis length and circumference of 15, 521 men across the world.

So, how do you measure up versus the rest of the world? Read on to find out now!

What is the average penis size by country?

Men often feel their penis is smaller than average and are pleasantly surprised when they find out the global average penis size is generally a lot closer to their own than they realise.

The study published by David Veale, Sarah Miles, Sally Bramley, Gordon Muir, and John Hodsoll demonstrated that the average flaccid penis is on average 9.16cm (3.6 inches) in length, whilst an erect penis comes in at 13.13cm (5.17 inches) in length.

This is often much smaller than we’re led to believe and applies to over 90% of the nation.

So, if you’re a fully grown adult and your penis is around this length, then there is no need to worry about being below average, as you are now, in fact, bang on average.

Moreover, if you were previously considering penile lengthening procedures, you could then put this on hold as you may rightly feel that it is no longer necessary.

Average penis length by country

To delve into this a little deeper here at Moorgate Andrology, we have researched the average male penis size by country, to see how the British stacks up against other nationalities.

According to the data, men from Ireland and the UK have erect penis lengths of 12.78cm and 13.13cm respectively.

Next largest, was the USA, with an average length of 13.58cm, with Australia coming in at 14.46cm, around 5.69 inches.

The European country with the longest average erect penis size is the Netherlands, with an average length of 15.87cm, followed by France, at 15.74cm, and Italy with an erect length of 15.35cm.

The longest recorded erect lengths come from African and South American nations, with Cameroon taking the bronze medal and Ecuador the silver with 16.67cm and 17.61cm respectively. But the nation taking gold for the longest average erect penis size is the Congo, coming in at a whopping 17.93cm!

The biggest penis to have been recorded belongs to Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, from Mexico. It measures in at a whopping 18.9 inches. Although Doctors have advised him to have a penis reduction for health reasons, he has refused as he likes knowing he has the biggest penis in the world.

Average penis size by country
Average Penis Size By Country

What about penile girth?

Of course, penis size is not just about length.

The circumference of the penis, the girth, is also an area that can cause worry.

According to the same study, the average size of penis girth when flaccid is 9.31cm (3.66 inches) and 11.66cm (4.59 inches) when erect.

Moreover, these measurements are pretty similar worldwide, with cases of extreme sizes – either large or small – being really quite rare.

Why is it bad to feel you have a smaller-than-average penis?

Underneath this competitive spirit is the dark truth of male self-esteem.

Often damaged by harmful false information that relates to penile length and girth, male self-esteem is inherently tied to the size and appearance of their penis and comparing this to others can damage it further.

Factors that worsen this belief include:

  1. The male belief that penile girth and length are an indicator of their general genital health, which often includes their ability to father children.
  2. Pornographic materials leading men to falsely believe they are below average-sized.
  3. Incorrectly assuming that certain races or ethnicities far outrank them in terms of penile size, particularly length.

It is important to realise that no matter the length and girth of your penis, be it below-average, or indeed exceeding average size, this measurement does not define you.

You are a well-rounded, complete person, worth much more than the length or girth of your penis.

Should I consider penis enlargement surgery?

While your self-worth is not determined by the size of your penis, if your penis is substantially different to the norm, and it’s causing you distress, then it may be time to contact our team of expert andrologists.

We have expert urologists with decades of experience that routinely handle many kinds of urology treatments, including but not limited to:

You can talk with our experienced team here at Moorgate Andrology, safe in the knowledge that we will always deliver the best possible results, no matter your specific circumstances.

Contact us today to discuss your penis size

If you are concerned about your penis length or penis girth, why not arrange a consultation with one of our experts?

With over 35 years of industry experience, the professionals at Moorgate Andrology are a reliable, impartial source of information that can allow you to share your worries and decide as a team if surgery is the right option for you.

Our experienced surgeons are some of the best in the business and will treat your case with the respect and dignity you deserve.

To speak to our team, you have a few options. You can give us a call or email us. If you don’t live near a Moorgate Andrology clinic, you could also book an online consultation over Zoom.

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