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At Moorgate, we understand that erectile issues can be difficult to tackle, whether this is through embarrassment, discomfort, or not knowing where to start looking for help. Luckily, our experienced team can assist you in your journey, offering expert medical advice and sensible action to rid you of any issues with your penis, which may be causing you general embarrassment or a lack of sexual performance.

One solution for erectile dysfunction that we offer is a penile implant that allows you to control your erections, so you can increase your confidence and performance when it matters most.

Once this implant has been inserted, you will be sure to feel more at ease about your erections, knowing that your penis will be able to deliver when you need it to, without the embarrassment and frustration that comes with living with erectile dysfunction.

What are Rigicon inflatable penile implants?

Partnering with Rigicon, one of the best urological companies worldwide when it comes to providing genital prosthesis, we’re able to offer their top-of-the-range implants as part of our treatment.

These implants are inserted into the genital area via a surgical procedure, allowing the user to control the rigidity of their penis on command, without having to worry about not having an erection when needed. The video below shows how this can be done, allowing you to keep the process discreet. So much so, unless you choose to disclose the fact, no one will know that it is present.

Benefits of a penile implant

This kind of penile implant has proven to be hugely popular here at Moorgate Andrology. Clients that have wanted to be rid of their erectile dysfunction forever have turned to a Rigicon inflatable penile implant to provide them with the control and confidence they deserve.

Of course, every penis is different, which is why these implants are available in 6 sizes. These diameters range from 9mm – 14mm, ensuring that you receive the perfect fit. Of course, upon consultation with our team, we will perform the necessary checks and procedures so you can be fitted with your ideal implant.

How Moorgate can help

Here at Moorgate Andrology, we strive to offer a service that gives you confidence and control at all times. We understand that issues such as erectile dysfunction are sensitive, which is why we always promise to offer clear, accurate, and sensible advice throughout the whole process.

Our experienced team are best placed to offer their trustworthy and reliable knowledge, so you can feel as comfortable as possible throughout. By working closely with our clients, we have always helped them feel much more confident and at ease in the future as a result of our work.

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