Length and Girth Surgery

Men come to Moorgate Andrology to increase either the length or girth of their penis or in most cases both at the same time.

Penis length is usually a concern for most men when it is in a flaccid state. They complain that their penis looks very small when flaccid, but near normal size when erect.

In these circumstances, they avoid the gym, beach, and any other situation where changing clothes is involved or wearing swimwear and shorts.

This can be a frustrating and distressing situation for men. It prevents them from doing the things that they love, such as playing sports or taking the family to the beach.

It should be said that many men that worry about the length of their penis have, statistically, a normal size penis. However, this does not console them if they are unhappy with their penis length.

Length and girth surgery can be performed to make the penis longer and thicker in a flaccid state. The extra length is created by dividing the suspensory ligament from its attachments to the pubic bone. It has the action of allowing the penis to move forward by one to two inches. In almost all cases this is the extra length that can be achieved. In rare cases, the results can be less than one inch or more than two.

It should be remembered that the erect length cannot be increased with this procedure. A traction device is usually required after surgery to help increase erect length.

The girth of the penis refers to its thickness. In this situation, men may have a perfectly normal penis length, but it appears to be thin. As most men know that studies have shown that women prefer a thick penis to a long one, almost all men who seek penis enlargement want to make the penis thicker.

There are two ways to do this. The most popular is with a fat transfer. Fat is taken from the belly or inner thighs and transplanted into the penis. This can make the penis thicker by one to two inches in most cases, this time both in the flaccid and erect states. This technique is considered a permanent result once the initial fat absorption has taken place over the first six to eight weeks.

Temporary solutions to thicken the penis girth include penis fillers. These are performed using hyaluronic acid injections. They can increase penis thickness in both the flaccid and erect states but require a financial commitment to keep up the results. Around 35 % of patients who come to Moorgate Andrology for penis fillers eventually choose to have a fat transfer at some point.

Finance Available

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