The Industry’s Common Misconceptions

Penis enlargement common misconceptions & Myths about penis enlargement

Let’s cut through some of the myths surrounding penis enlargement because like most things in medical circles, there are quite a few. Because we provide more penis enlargement procedures than any other centre in the UK, we feel that we have seen and heard most of the penis enlargement common misconceptions. A lot of men will have anxieties when it comes to having sexual intercourse with their partner for obvious reasons, here at Moorgate we like to make you feel relaxed about this. Our penis enlargement procedures are carried with best urology surgeons in the country.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the industry that Moorgate Andrology operates in. This video explains the myths of men who are seeking alternatives for erection problems.

1. You can have an enormous penis

Even penis enlargement surgery and treatments have their limitations. If you choose to go ahead with surgery, then the chances are that the length could be increased by about one to two inches and the girth by similar. It is not possible to increase penis size by 6, 7 or even 8 inches more with any recognised penis enlargement procedure.

Penis enlargement injections increase girth by a similar amount depending on the amount of filler you choose to have of course.

2. Penis enlargement injections increase penis length

This is another of the penis enlargement common misconceptions. Penis thickening injections focus on increasing the girth of the penis (often referred to by Doctors as penis girth)

The length may APPEAR longer because the penis just looks bigger and the weight of the filler may make the penis hang a bit lower, but technically the length is the same as before.

3. Penis enlargement will make me a better lover

Having a bigger penis may not make you a better lover in itself. However, if you have increased self-confidence because of the surgery or treatment, then you (and your partner) are likely to enjoy lovemaking more.

4. I can have sex straight away with my bigger penis

One of the more dangerous myths when it comes to penis enlargement common misconceptions. This is not possible. There has to be a period of time for the treatment or surgery to settle before you can have sex again. If you have sex too soon, you can compromise the results. Be sure to follow the correct advice of the Doctors after treatment or surgery, and you will be back to what you like doing best in no time.

5. I am the first guy to get it done

Most guys that go ahead with penis enlargement do not tell anyone about their intention to do so. It is another of the penis enlargement common misconceptions. We carry out hundreds of procedures each year, but you perhaps wouldn’t know it. We filmed a documentary for the BBC called “The Penis Extension Clinic” which raised a lot of awareness about penis enlargement. However, most guys still get the procedure done and remain firmly anonymous.

6. My partners will know I have had a penis enlargement

Your partner is unlikely to know that you have had a penis enlargement. This is the case for both penis enlargement surgery and penis enlargement injections. Advances in both surgical and non-surgical penis enlargements are now producing results which are largely undetectable.

7. I won’t be able to father children after penis enlargement

The ability to father children remains intact after penis enlargement surgery as it does not interfere with the ejaculatory process.

8. I can get a penis enlargement on the NHS

Unless you have a condition called “Micropenis” it is not a procedure that is available on the National Health Service. Penis enlargement surgery and treatments are considered “aesthetic” procedures and are performed to improve appearance, not function. If you have difficulty getting or sustaining an erection, then that is a different matter of course.

9. I must have a circumcision if I have penis enlargement

This is not the case. Sometimes the foreskin can become tight after surgery or treatment, but usually, this is temporary. In very rare cases if the foreskin remains tight, you may require a circumcision.

10. I need a seven-inch penis to be able to have sex

There are perhaps more misconceptions about what is the “normal” size of a man’s penis than anything else we hear. You do not need an enormous penis to be able to satisfy your partner. We see Patients who are technically within the normal penis size range but are lacking confidence in their size and just want something that looks bigger and better. According to studies the average size of a man’s penis when flaccid is 3.5 inches and 5.1 inches when erect. The main point here is getting to a point where you are confident and happy in your size.

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