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Integrity and trust are incredibly important parts of the Moorgate journey.

We know at Moorgate that this is a big step for you to take. Having surgery of any sort is always a daunting prospect, and you will want to be reassured that you are in the best hands. Integrity and trust are a fundamental part of our relationship with you as a patient.

Saying we have integrity and trust is one thing, proving it is another. However, here are some examples of the initiatives we take to try, and be the best at what we do:

  • All matters between you and us are completely confidential. If your Specialist needs to discuss aspects of your case with any other medical professionals such as your GP or other Specialist, we will always seek your permission first..
  • We promise to deliver a high quality service to you as our patient. This means that we will try and build a solid relationship with you and keep the channels of communication open at all times. This communication channel is up to you, email, phone or post, we will respect your communication preferences.
  • 3.We work with some of Europe’s leading Urology and Gynaecology Specialists. They want you to have every confidence in them, and you can trust them to be open and honest about all aspects of your case.

If things don’t go to plan you can be assured that every one of our team will go the extra mile for you.

We want you to be happy, and we will do everything we can to fulfil your expectations of us.

You can trust in us that your operation will be performed in a care quality commission registered hospital in the UK. We do not carry our surgery abroad or in unlicensed hospitals.

You can trust in us that your operation will only ever be carried out by Surgeons with full UK GMC registration. All Surgeons have their own medical indemnity insurance. All have been afforded practising privileges in the hospitals in which they operate, after rigorous checks and interviews.

At Moorgate, we are proud of the in-depth information available to Patients. You can trust us that all documents regarding your procedure will be available for you to read ahead of your operation, usually in the comfort of your own home. We believe that good information is vital ahead of any medical procedure.

We offer all Patients as many consultations as they wish with their Specialist. Getting things clear and right at the outset is key for a successful outcome.

You can trust us for your aftercare. Remember it’s about more than just the operation. We will be with you every step of the way to the very last check-up.

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