Hidden Penis

At Moorgate Andrology, our Urologists are experts at treating so-called Hidden penis.

The good news is that you do not have to suffer the embarrassment and lack of confidence due to a hidden penis.

It does not matter if you have had a hidden penis since birth, or if it’s something that you have developed in later life, your penis and scrotum can look normal again.

If you notice that your penis appears to be buried within the scrotum, or hidden because of excess pubic fat, then these are classic symptoms of a hidden penis.

You may experience functional problems such as difficulty in urinating without getting urine on the scrotum area.

Other complications include an increased risk of infections of the surrounding skin and inflammation of the foreskin.

In adults the usual procedure to correct a hidden penis is a surgical one. There are established surgical techniques that can restore the penis to a natural looking state.

These include suspensory ligament division to move the penis forward and revealing more of its natural length. In some cases, we can combine this operation with a liposuction to the pubic area to reduce the amount of overhanging fat on the mons pubis. If there is also excessive skin in this area, a pubic lift may be performed in addition.

In any event, you may find it helpful to try and lose weight on the belly and pubic area in the first instance. Where these efforts have field then surgery could be an option.

Hidden penis surgery usually takes around one hour under general anaesthetic, and you can go home on the same day. You should arrange to take a few days off work to recover and you will need to avoid any sexual activity for six weeks.

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