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At Moorgate Andrology you have a choice of dermal fillers to thicken your penis.

We offer juvederm voluma, a well known and trusted hyaluronic acid filler. All treatments are performed by fully qualified Urology Doctors and Surgeons.

Hyaluronic acid penis enlargement injections

Hyaluronic acid injections are commonplace for the face. They are used all over the world to fill in wrinkles in the face. They are also useful for plumping up depressions in the skin due to ageing. One particular product which is well established for this purpose is juvederm voluma. This product from Allergan is also the choice of Moorgate Andrology to thicken the penis. With juvederm voluma we can increase both the flaccid and erect states of your penis. Your new penis size will depend on the amount of juvederm voluma injected.

Typically most men have between 10 and 15 ml of filler on their first treatment. Remember that you can always get more added if you want to thicken your penis even more. Because hyaluronic acid breaks down in the body naturally, you will need a top up treatment typically at around 12 to 18 months, in most cases patients have around half of the amount first injected to return the penis to the size it was after the first treatment.

Ellanse bio collagen stimulator

Another option to thicken the penis is with Ellanse; the new penis enlargement injection on the block. Moorgate are the first clinic in the UK to introduce it for penis enlargement injections.

Ellanse works by stimulating your own collagen growth in the penis. This is a non animal, non human, completely natural product. The gel carrier within the product immediately thickens the penis. However, in the following weeks this gel is completely broken down to be replaced by your own collagen. This product has been around a long time and has an excellent safety record. Once again this is a product that is used worldwide in facial aesthetic Medina to improve the appearance of the ageing face.

Ellanse is also available in different duration formulations.

We have created a treatment comparison page so that you can see the differences between our two penis enlargement injection treatment options. You can find that information here.


Why choose Moorgate for penis enlargement injections?

Moorgate were the first clinic to bring penis enlargement injections to the UK. We are the first clinic to introduce Ellanse penis enlargement injections to the UK. You can trust our experience gained over many years with only fully qualified Doctors performing penis enlargement injection treatments. These Doctors are highly qualified Urology specialists with substantive posts in their local health service.

All treatments are performed by cannula injection, not needles. This leads to less bruising and swelling compared to needle treatments and a much smoother cosmetic result.

We can arrange no deposit finance for your penis enlargement injections with instant decisions in most cases. You can find out more about our finance packages on our finance pages which has a useful finance calculator.

The next step

We offer penis enlargement both in London and the north of England. We often have weekend appointments available too which many men find very convenient. You can book a treatment over the phone after a chat with one of our patient co-ordinators. Give us a call today and let’s chat through your requirements.