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Our Penis Enlargement Clinic is the most famous centre for penis enlargement in the UK.

We carry out more penis enlargement procedures than any other similar UK provider.

Since the flagship documentary “The Penis Extension Clinic”, Moorgate have become the country’s favourite “go to” to enlarge your penis.

Our penis enlargement service is headed by a highly skilled team of Urology and Andrology Surgeons. Our Andrologists have a special interest in penis enlargement surgery and they have pioneered work in areas such as penis girth surgery where we are now achieving girth increases not seen and not available in the UK before now.

We also have our own unique techniques for penile lengthening, with guaranteed no silicone implants needed as with other providers. This is a much safer procedure with less risks that are associated with silicone implants.

To be a successful penis enlargement clinic you need more than just great Urologists. At Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology we have a team of people who guide our Patients from the first consultation to the very last check up.

Our Patient Co-ordinators are usually the first step in finding our more about our range of services. You can book a free initial telephone consultation with a Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology Patient Co-ordinator without any charge. Our leading Patient Co-ordinator has worked in this role for over 40 years. No other UK Patient Co-ordinator has more experience in this field.

When it comes to the booking process our penis enlargement clinic has a small team of Booking Co-ordinators. They make sure that all the paperwork reaches our hospitals. They also ensure that any pre-operative tests you need are done. After surgery they provide a follow up service where your appointments are all arranged for you with your Urologist. You will be given the contact details of our patient bookings team so if you have any questions in between your visit you always have a number to call.

Our bookings team are often referred to in our five star ratings on Trustpilot for the care and support they provide for every patient.

If you are looking for a penis enlargement procedure, surgical or non-surgical then look no further than the United Kingdom’s number one provider.


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At the head of administration we also have a Patient relations manager who ensures that we meet the levels of service that we set out to do.

Your first contact with Moorgate will probably be with one of our Patient advisory teams. These staff are specially trained to give you more information about the procedure that you are interested in. They are not medically trained, but that is not necessary at this stage.

If you want to know how our procedures work, how much they cost, when you can have them done, this is the team to speak to.
Of course we have a financial team who ensure that all of your payments are safely received and that your finance if applicable is in place.

A penis enlargement clinic is a very busy place and to be successful all departments have to work in harmony as each depends on the other to ensure the best possible service to patients.