What is a penoplasty ?

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The term penoplasty is a medical term for penis enlargement surgery. Sometimes this operation is also called a “phalloplasty”

Penoplasty and Phalloplasty are performed by highly skilled surgeons. In the United Kingdom there are very few Surgeons who would consider themselves as experts in the field of Penoplasty.

Penoplasty consists of increasing the size of the penis, bith in terms of lengtheing and thickening.

Most men who present themselves to the Cosmetic Surgeon for Penoplasty will request both lengthening and thickening together. It seems that the view of most men is that if they are going to go through the operation, then they may as well get as much increase as possible.

When only one procedure is selected during penoplasty, the thickening procedure is the most popular. This probably stems from the fact that the thicknes of a enis is considered to be most important when it comes to sexual intercourse, rather than the length.

Penoplasty is performed under local anaesthetic and sedation. In most cases the Patient is discharged on the same day.

Penoplasty cannot work miracles and it is important that the Patient understands what can and cannot be acheived with surgery. Most men seem to acheive between one to two inches increase in length, but some may get less than this. Wild claims of several inches increase in length are very wide of the mark in Penoplasty. Small increases in length on a small penis can make quite a difference. Men should also remember that a penis that is too long can actually make sex very uncomfortable for a woman.

Penoplasty is a very common procedure. It is not widely discussed but men are willing to take the plunge if they feel that they dont measure up.

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