Surgeon Quality and Expertise

It goes without saying, the skill, expertise, and experience of your Urologist is fundamental to a successful outcome of your procedure.

Let’s take a look at some of the key points you should consider when choosing a Surgeon:


Your Urologist should be fully qualified to carry out your procedure. All male genital surgery procedures are carried out by Urologists. In the case of Plastic Surgeons, they would normally focus on the aesthetic nature of the procedure, whereas a Moorgate Urologist will also focus on functional aspects.

You can check your Surgeon’s qualifications by visiting the website of the general medical council. This organisation is responsible for the regulation of all Doctors in the United Kingdom. The registration details will show good standing for the Doctor and details of the Speciality in which they are allowed to practice.

Moorgate Andrology reviews all qualifications and status of the Urologists we work with, the hospitals in which they operate, and also carry out comprehensive due diligence checks.

Surgical Experience

The experience of your Surgeon maybe a little more difficult to ascertain than the qualifications. Be sure to ask your Surgeon how many procedures similar to yours he or she has performed. All Surgeons keep up to date statistics of their work so that they will have this information readily in almost all cases. You could also inquire where the Surgeon did his training. Was this in Europe or beyond?

Many Surgeons continue in areas such as research and may be able to point you in the direction of medical papers that they may have written about your procedure. Moorgate Andrology work alongside Surgeons who have published in many scientific journals, especially in Urology.

Consultation skills

We have added consultation skills because this is where everything starts. Make sure that you are comfortable and confident with your Surgeon. Go with your gut instinct. It’s really important that you can assure yourself that you are in good hands. In most cases, consultations with Moorgate Andrology Urologists can last up to an hour.

Ask yourself if you got all of the information you needed? Did you get clear answers to the questions that you asked? Did you get the opportunity to ask the Urologist the questions you wanted? Are you clear about what can and cannot be achieved for you?

Moorgate Andrology ensures that all patients have plenty of time in consultation. Occasionally consultation lists can run over as a result. However, remember next time it could be you that needs answers to those vital questions.

If the answer is “yes” to those questions, then you have found the right Surgeon for you.

If you are interested in finding out more, make an appointment for an initial consultation today.

We can go through some facts and figures with you and explain all the different payment options that we have, including interest-free finance.