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Dr Djakovic is the United Kingdoms busiest penis enlargement Urologist

He performs more penis enlargement than any other Physician in the UK.

A world renowned Urologist, he is highly sought after  by men from all corners of the UK and Europe.

Dr Djakovic is a fully qualified Urologist. He is on the UK General Medical Council specialist register for Urology. He has gained international recognition in the field of Urology and Andrology. This is because of his work in reconstructive genital surgery,  and in Paediatric Urology.

During his career he has worked in many hospitals around the world, including in Germany at Consultant level.

His training to become one of the leading Urologists took him to the world-famous University clinic of Heidelberg.

He was appointed as Vice Chair in the Department of Urology.

He was trained in Urology by Professor Perovic,  who is a pioneer in reconstructive urology.

Dr Djakovic is regarded as one of the most respected urologists in the world. He is often invited to operate on the most complex of urology procedures around the world including in Moscow, Belgrade and Vienna.

At Moorgate, he is best known for his excellent work in penis enlargement surgery, performing more of this procedure than any other Physician in the UK. although he is also sought after for other procedures such as Plaque incision and grafting for the correction of Peyronie’s disease , penile implant surgery and general urology procedures for both men and women.

Dr Djakovic has also led in the training of other Urologists and Doctors in the UK through his position at Moorgate Andrology.

We are often approached by Urologists and Doctors around the world for training in our facilities

He is also one of the very few Urologists in the world performing penis reduction surgery.

He is featured in a ground-breaking documentary on Channel Four about the subject (My Massive ****) where he is seen consulting two men for the procedure. His work in this field extends to treatment of female babies with the extremely rare condition of “Adreno-genital syndrome” where they are born with a large phallus.

His work in penis enlargement has helped perfect the procedure to both lengthen and thicken the penis with penis enlargement surgery, performing around 160 procedures each year.  He is credited with the development of the latest techniques in penile lengthening, creating better and safer outcomes for patients. These techniques are unique to Dr Djakovic.

He is also an expert in penis fillers,  performing several hundred injections every year in London and Manchester

Many complex cases are also referred to Dr Djakovic, by other Clinics and Doctors across the United Kingdom, Scotland and Ireland.

His experience in Penile implants includes the placement of all of the best-known penile implant devices such as , AMS and Coloplast

He is also sought after for female Urology specific procedures such as labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction  and labial puff fillers.

We are very proud to have such a talented and respected Urologist on our team.

Please book early for your consultation with Dr Djakovic. Video consultations are available every Tuesday evening from 6pm. Consultations in clinic are available in London and Manchester on selected Sundays.

Dr Djakovic performs surgical procedures on Saturdays at the Harley Street Hospital and in Preston.

Non-surgical procedures are available in London and Manchester

His GMC Specialist register number is 7476132



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