Penis Girth Surgery

If you are happy with the length, we can provide surgery to increase your penis girth.

Most men who come to Moorgate Andrology choose to have both penis length surgery and penis girth surgery together; this is around 85 % of the total number of patients. Of the other 15 %, at least 13% of those will have girth surgery.

This is perhaps because the sex experts tell us that when it comes to sexual intercourse, the thickness of the penis is more important than the length.

With penis girth surgery we can increase the thickness of your penis in both the FLACCID and ERECT state.

Here are common reasons why you may come to Moorgate Andrology for penis girth surgery.

  • Your partner has had children and cannot feel the penis as much due to slackened muscles after childbirth
  • Your penis is long but thin ( so called “ Pencil penis “ )
  • You are embarrassed how your penis looks in underwear or swimwear.

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    The Surgery

    The operation to thicken your penis will be performed under general anaesthetic and will take just under one hour. A small liposuction procedure is performed to harvest some fat from your abdomen. We can also take fat from the thigh or buttock area, but most men seem to have a least a little to spare on the stomach.
    This fat is then put through a fat purification system called Lipivage. This system improves the quality of the transferred fat, therefore improving dramatically the survival rate of the fat cells compared to traditional methods used by some other clinics. The fat is then evenly distributed along the shaft of the penis to thicken it.

    After Penis Girth Surgery

    Depending on the type of work that you do, you will want to take a little time off work. If you have a deskbound job then around one week should suffice. If your job is physically demanding then it could be two weeks before you are back.

    Ask your Surgeon at your consultation for the recommended time for you.

    Over the course of the first week, there is little to do. Focus on keeping the area clean and take the antibiotics that will have been prescribed. The Surgeon may ask you to massage any small lumps that you may see or feel just underneath the skin. These are normal and generally, subside within the first month. With the Lipivage system..

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    Do I qualify for finance?

    To find out if you qualify for finance on your procedure, Check out this link which will take you to a FOUR STEP QUICK DECISION LOAN APPLICATION.

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