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Here at Moorgate, we have conducted a survey of 180 women revealing that even when you hear a woman say “Size doesn’t matter” the truth is it seems to do, from the research.

Our Survey was specially commissioned to gain a better understanding of what women are really looking for when it comes to penis size.

The 180 women were not specially selected any demographic. We took the data from the 180 who freely decided to attend and provide us with their honest feedback. This ensured that we got an objective view. Of the 180 women that attended for the survey we were able to gather the opinions of women aged between eighteen and early sixties.

All feedback was given in a private environment so women could tell us what they REALLY thought.

The results of the survey may surprise you

What we Learned from the data

Of the 180 women surveyed, 90% wanted a bigger penis than their current partner. The life-like models of the human penis that were on show came as a revelation to some women, although some wanted more erect length in their partners penis, it was a desire for more girth that was a factor throughout the study

The research has provided clear data on what women want from a man. Those taking part were presented with twenty-seven different sized lifelike models of the male sexual organ (The Moorgate Scale), and they were asked to pick which was their ideal penis size for a partner

The two biggest statistics that stood out for our Specialists when they reviewed the data was

  1. 40 % of the women wanted more girth than their partner had. This was a big issue for many women. This backs up the sex experts view that penis girth is more important than penis length to most women
  2. 90 % of the 180 women surveyed wanted a bigger penis than their current partner had, with 40 % wanting five inches plus in girth

The models we created were extremely lifelike and the women surveyed were asked four simple questions:

  1. A) What is the smallest sexual partner you have had?
  2. B) What is your current partner’s size?
  3. C) What is the biggest you have seen?
  4. D) What would be your ideal size for sex?

Dr Greta Peciulyte, a Urology Specialist at Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology, with a special interest in penis enlargement fillers, said

“The subject of penis size is becoming less and less taboo and studies such as the one we have launched will also help in this respect. It is about body image and confidence. Having a small penis can really affect men, giving them low self-esteem, making it difficult for them to have relationships and stopping them enjoying a normal life.”


David Mills, founder of ‘The Moorgate Scale’, says: “By starting these conversations we want to make penis enlargement surgery as acceptable as breast enlargement is. This is the start of some serious medical research that we are undertaking.”

He adds: “We all know the so called ‘average’ penis size is just about 5 and half to 6 inches” in the UK.

“To find that women want around 7 and a half inches with a bigger than average girth reinforces what we’ve known for years, we just haven’t had the proof until now. It confirms that overall women are not telling the truth if they say penis size isn’t a factor”.

When it comes to girth, the average penis size when a man is sexually aroused is around four and a half inches.

The survey, with regard to preferred girth, showed:

  • 40% of women wanted 4 . 5 – 5” girth
  • A further 40% of women wanted 5”+ girth
  • If girth was less than 4” only 3% of women would be satisfied



The Moorgate Scale

The measurements of the penis’ on The Moorgate Scale (the universal measurement of penis size) are as follows:


2″ x 2.5″   2″ x 3″   2″ x 3.5″   3″ x 2.5″   3″ x 3″   3″ x 3.5″   4″ x 3″   4″ x 3.5″   4″ x 4″   5″ x 3.5″   5″ x 4″   5″ x 4.5″   6″ x 4″   6″ x 4.5″
O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ZX  
  6″ x 5″   7″ x 4.25″   7″ x 4.75″   7″ x 5.5″   8″ x 4.25″   8″ x 4.75″   8″ x 5.5″   9″ x 4.5″   9″ x 5.25″   9″ x 6″   10″ x 4.5″   10″ x 5.25″  10″ x 6″  

Question is, where do you fit on The Moorgate Scale? Or are you ‘off the scale’?