What do women want?

Size does matter. Our data says it does!

Here at Moorgate Andrology, we have conducted a survey of 180 women revealing that even when you hear a woman say “Size doesn’t matter” the truth is, in fact, it does in the bedroom.

Only 9% of women want less than 6 . 5” erect length
23% would be happy with 6 . 5 – 7 . 5”
32% said they would be happiest if their man had 7 . 5 – 8 . 5”
With the remaining 36% of women wanting 8 . 5”+
Of the 180 women surveyed, 90% wanted a bigger penis than their current partner.
The research has provided clear data on what women want from a man. Those taking part were presented with 27 different sized lifelike models of the male sexual organ (The Moorgate Scale) and asked to pick which was their ideal penis size for a partner.

The models were extremely lifelike and the women surveyed were asked four simple questions: –

A) What is the smallest sexual partner you have had?
B) What is your current partner’s size?
C) What is the biggest you’ve seen?
D) What would be your ideal size for sex?

The Moorgate Scale

We found only 9% of women are happy with less than six and a half inches with 36% looking for more than eight and a half inches.

“Girth” was also a big issue with 40% looking for more than 5 inches.

Dr Greta Peciulyte, who specialises in urology and sexual medicine, is playing a leading role in the research project, the 27-year-old from Lithuania has carried out more than 100 aesthetics medicines procedures on men in her role at Moorgate – injecting filler to increase the girth of their sexual organ.

It is a procedure that is becoming increasingly popular. Dr Peciulyte, who also works in the NHS, says: “Demand is growing as more and more men hear about what can be done for them.

“The subject of penis size is becoming less and less taboo and studies such as the one we have launched will also help in this respect.

“It is about body image and confidence. Having a small penis can really affect men, giving them low self-esteem, making it difficult for them to have relationships and stopping them enjoying a normal life.”

David Mills, founder of ‘The Moorgate Scale’, says: “By starting these conversations we want to make penis enlargement surgery as acceptable as breast enlargement is. This is the start of some serious medical research that we are undertaking.”

He adds: “We all know the so called ‘average’ penis size is just about 5 and half to 6 inches” in the UK.

“To find that women want around 7 and a half inches with a bigger than average girth reinforces what we’ve known for years, we just haven’t had the proof until now. It confirms that women are not telling the truth if they say penis size isn’t a factor”.

When it comes to girth, the average when a man is sexually aroused is around four and a half inches.

The survey, with regard to preferred girth, showed:

40% of women wanted 4 . 5 – 5” girth
A further 40% of women wanted 5”+ girth
If girth was less than 4” only 3% of women would be satisfied

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    The Moorgate Scale

    The measurements of the penis’ on The Moorgate Scale (the universal measurement of penis size) are as follows;

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N
    2″ x 2.5″   2″ x 3″   2″ x 3.5″   3″ x 2.5″   3″ x 3″   3″ x 3.5″   4″ x 3″   4″ x 3.5″   4″ x 4″   5″ x 3.5″   5″ x 4″   5″ x 4.5″   6″ x 4″   6″ x 4.5″
    O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ZX
      6″ x 5″   7″ x 4.25″   7″ x 4.75″   7″ x 5.5″   8″ x 4.25″   8″ x 4.75″   8″ x 5.5″   9″ x 4.5″   9″ x 5.25″   9″ x 6″   10″ x 4.5″   10″ x 5.25″  10″ x 6″

    Question is, where do you fit on The Moorgate Scale? Or are you ‘off the scale’?

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