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For the latest male and female genital procedures. , it can only be Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology. We are one of the UK’s leaders in genital surgery and procedures.

We never rest on our laurels when it comes to innovation and advanced treatment methods. We are constantly reviewing both our surgical and non-surgical procedures to improve our techniques and service to patients. Over the course of just the past ten years, we have made great strides in a number of procedures.

Always check with your Urologist or Gynaecologist if you have any doubts about the technique that is proposed for your operation. By choosing fully qualified Urologists or Gynaecologists for your procedure, you can be assured of a highly trained professional in genital surgery.

Here are just some of the examples of our progress.

Moorgate is the most famous name for penis enlargement in the UK, our techniques play a large part in this.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

If Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology has a signature procedure, it is certainly this one. We are famous for penis enlargement surgery. Much of this fame has been due to high profile TV documentaries about our work such as “The Penis Extension Clinic “on BBC 3 and the OMG series on channel five this year. In recent years we have led new techniques and improvements in the procedure in a number of ways:

The Incision for the lengthening aspect of penis enlargement is now much smaller. The incision is hidden in the natural lines of the skin at the penis base where it meets the body. This has resulted in faster healing for patients. Some clinics still use the old and outdated Y plasty incision. This looks like a letter Y when looking down at your penis. This scar is larger and more visible than our new transverse incision technique.

Our techniques for penile lengthening include a “no silicone implant” procedure. All other centres use silicone implants to prevent ligament re-attachment. We use your own native tissues to prevent ligament re-attachment, meaning that you do not need to have a silicone implant in your body for the rest of your life. Moreover, you also negate the risk of surgical complications when using implants. In the three years that we have adopted this technique we have not had a single case of ligament re-attachment.

We are now using an updated system for the purification of the fat. It is called Lipivage, and this has resulted in increases in the retained fat. Not only that but we are now transferring twice the amount of fat than only one year ago. In many cases, we are transferring 100 to 120 ml of the harvested fat. This is making a considerable difference to those looking to thicken the penis effectively. Improved techniques now mean that we are able to transfer the maximum amount of fat into your penis that it will take. This gives superb girth gains of between one and two inches in both the flaccid and erect girth of the penis.

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Penis Fillers

Moorgate was the first company to bring penis fillers to the United Kingdom. Not surprisingly, we lead the way with technical improvements in this field. We have made great progress in this area and here are just a couple of examples.

All procedures are now carried out with a cannula, not sharp needles. This has resulted in much more symmetry (evenness) of the penis after treatment. Not only that but recovery is much faster as there is less if any bruising after treatment compared with potential severe bruising after treatment with needles. It is also much safer than needle treatments because a cannula has a blunt tip compared to a sharp needle. Most other providers now adopt the Moorgate technique.

Our Urologists have a strong track record in penis fillers and use a cannula in this work has changed the way that penis fillers are performed for good.

The cost of penis fillers has reduced in recent years, and we are now the most competitive provider of penis fillers in the UK. Because we carry out more treatments than any other UK provider , we are able to buy our fillers at a very competitive price, we pass these savings onto our Patients.

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Additional Procedures

Penile implants

Dr Nenad Djakovic is our Implantologist at Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology. He has experience in placing all of the most popular penile implants. These include penile implants from Coloplast, including the well-known Coloplast titan implant, and the famous AMS penile implant range. So whichever implant you are interested in, you can be sure it is available at Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology.

We offer initial consultations on zoom video with Dr Djakovic too for penile implants both malleable and inflatable.


Peyronie’s Disease Correction

We have also introduced the techniques for the correction of Peyronie’s disease. Our surgical procedures have significant advantages compared to older techniques such as the so-called “Nesbit” procedure. Our procedures focus on making the bent penis straight again, but at the same time also protecting its length. These include the do called “Stage Technique “and the “Plaque incision and Grafting surgery “. NHS procedures such as the Nesbit procedure often lead to considerable shortening of the penis length. We also offer a range of non surgical procedures to treat peyronies disease. These procedures include Calcium antagonist injections to help break down plaque formation ( scar tissue )

We are one of the busiest providers of these advanced procedures to treat Peyronie’s disease in the UK. Dr Nenad Djakovic performs all of our Peyronie’s disease procedures

Procedures for women

We also carry out a range of genital procedures for women. These include advanced techniques in labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. We also offer a range of non-surgical restorative treatments to improve sexual function. Our procedures for women include


  • Vaginal tightening
  • Labia reduction
  • Vaginal fillers
  • G-Spot enhancement
  • Adult Circumcision
  • Frenuloplasty
  • Vasectomy
  • Pubic Fat Bed Removal


Other procedures available for men include


We also carry out a range of genital procedures for man and women


Choice of hospitals

Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology only works with Care Quality Commission registered hospitals. This is your assurance of being treated and cared for in a hospital which is governed and inspected by the authorities regularly. This is perhaps one reason why are seeing increasing numbers of patients travelling to Moorgate from abroad.


New Urology and Gynaecology Surgeons on the team

A first-class Surgeon is at the heart of your procedure. We have recently added some of Europe’s best known and respected urologists and gynaecologists. They are all on the general medical council specialist register for Urology or gynaecology. This demonstrates our commitment to our patients to bringing some of the best surgical talents to our company. Urologists perform a wide range of male and female genital surgery procedures and our Gynaecologists provide consultations and procedures for a wide range of female genital conditions


We can go through some facts and figures with you and explain all the different payment options that we have, including interest-free finance.

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