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Penile Implants: The Coloplast Genesis Malleable implant

If your ED medication isn’t working anymore, there is a solution with the Coloplast Titan Touch Penile Implants.

This penile implant is prepared with a custom fit to give you a natural and reliable erection when you need it.

The Coloplast Titan Inflatable Implant is a fluid-filled system that consists of a reservoir, placed in the abdomen, two penile cylinders and a pump. This easy to use inflatable implant has a high patient rating based on its rigidity and girth.

Features of the Coloplast Titan Touch Implant

  • Very high patient satisfaction rate. Over 93% of men reported moderately or completely satisfied with their implant. Similar studies for penis injections for impotence showed only a 40.9% satisfaction rate and for oral medication this was a little higher at 51.6%.
  • The implant is very discreet. Your partner won’t know that it’s there unless you tell them.
  • Penis sensitivity and ability to ejaculate are protected.
  • Maximum penis girth and rigidity of the penis on erection.
  • The penis looks natural when flaccid.
  • Easy to locate and inflate/deflate the implant.
  • Benefit from the Coloplast lifetime replacement policy.


Inflatable Implant

  • Discreet and looks natural when flacid
  • Easy to locate for inflating and deflating
  • Penis sensitivity and ability to ejaculate are protected.


Malleable Implant

  • Constantly in an erect state
  • Easy to use, just bend into position.
  • Orgasm and intercourse can continue as normal.

The Procedure

The Coloplast titan touch implant is placed under general anaesthetic and takes around one to one and half hours. You will remain in hospital just for one night. The procedure is performed by one of our Uro/Andrologists, an expert in male only procedures. It is carried out in a Care Quality Commission registered hospital in London and Preston. You will need someone to take you home after discharge from hospital. The Moorgate Patient Care team will arrange follow up appointments for you with your Surgeon.

After the Surgery

On the day after surgery the Surgeon will deflate the device. You should aim to take one to two weeks off work depending on the nature of your work. Your Surgeon will discuss this with you in more detail at your consultation. Between four and six weeks after surgery your Surgeon will see you again and show you how to inflate and deflate the device yourself. He will do this until you are confident that you can do this yourself.

If your ED medication isn’t working anymore, there is a solution with the Coloplast Titan Touch inflatable penile implant.

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