Testicle Replacement in London

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We often receive enquiries for testicle replacement. It is amazing just how many men are out there , with only one testicle.

Usually they have had a testcile removed due to conditions such s testicular cancer. Sometimes though they have losta  testicle due to an accident.

Whatever the reason, losing a testicle can have a devastating effect on a man. Firstly, he feels not ” man enough” simply because he only has one, and two is definitely the order of the day. It can also affect personal relationships of course. Some men actully put off sex becase they are too ashamed of their condition.

Thankfully, there is a solution to the problem, and the good news is that a testicular replacement can be done. Testicular implants have been around for some time. They are made of silicone and when implanted into the scrotum, are very hard to detect as not being the real thing.

Some men say that the implanted testicle feels a little heavier and firmer to the touch, but most say that their Partners cannot tell the difference at all.

This procedure has enormous benefits to the Patient, as self confidence returns instantly.

In London there are a number of very good clinics that offer private testicle replacement. The procedure takes around one hour and most Patients are allowed home on the same day. Expect to pay around £2700 in London for testicle replacement.

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