Penis Surgery Costs

Moorgate Andrology have an open and transparent price policy for all procedures. We appreciate that cost is a major factor when you are considering surgery or treatment with us.

Our fees reflect the high level of both service and quality, led by some of the worlds leading Urologists and Andrologists.

We are not about cheap surgery, our reputation has been built over many years, just take a look at our reviews to see what our patients have to say.

As we remind all of our patients. this is your penis/genitals, choose wisely. We currently offer a free consultation with our Urologists so you can get all of the information you need, without any obligation.

Take a look at why Moorgate Andrology is Britain’s number one cosmetic andrology provider:

  • Free surgeon consultation (for a limited period)
  • GMC Specialist registered Urologist for all surgical procedures
  • Care quality commission private hospitals in London and Preston
  • Additional regional clinics in Sheffield and Manchester for non-surgical treatments
  • Unlimited aftercare check-ups for one year with your specialist
  • Access to our patient care team for ongoing advice and support
  • Free revision surgery where clinically indicated (unique to Moorgate Andrology)
  • Help with arranging finance for your procedure including 0% (subject to status)

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    How much does male surgery cost?

    Penis Enlargement

    Moorgate Andrology is the number one penis enlargement provider in the United Kingdom. We carry out more penis enlargement surgery than any other provider. We were the first to introduce penis fillers to the UK too. We are often featured in the media (along with some of our patients) in comments and documentaries about penis enlargement on platforms including BBC3, ITV, and numerous press articles.

    • Penis Enlargement Surgery – from £6500

    We can increase the flaccid length of your penis between one and two inches with our ligamentosis procedure. At the same time, we can also increase the flaccid and erect girth of your penis, also by one to two inches. Penis enlargement surgery is considered permanent and is still the “gold standard” way to increase your penis size. We also include a free traction device, worth £ 300, to help increase erect length with all lengthening surgery procedures.

    • Penis Fillers  – from £275 per ml (Free top up filler included)

    We have a small range of tried and tested penis fillers to increase your flaccid and erect penis girth. The weight of the filler on the penis can also make it look longer too. Please note that we do not use unregulated filler, or worse, a filler that is contraindicated for the genitals, as some other providers do. Discounts are available for volumes of 15 ml and over, although we do not recommend more than 20ml of filler in one session.

    • Penile Implants – from £10,195

    When all else has failed to get your erections back on track, a penile implant can be a great option. We use the renowned Rigicon penile implants, which include a lifetime product warranty. Both the malleable and inflatable penile implants are available. Our Penile Implants are performed by Urologist Dr. Nenad Djakovic.

    Peyronies Disease

    Peyronies disease can be a very distressing condition. We offer both a non-surgical and surgical approach depending on your requirements and the stage of your disease. If you have a bend in your penis, with or without pain, get in touch today and we will arrange a free assessment with Dr. Nenad Djakovic, Urologist. Our surgical procedures focus on making the penis straight and protecting its length.

    • Non-surgical Peyronies disease treatment – from £300
    • Surgical correction of Peyronies disease – from £6000

    Testicular Replacement Surgery – from £7995

    If you have lost a testicle due to injury or disease, it can leave you feeling very self-conscious. At Moorgate Andrology we can replace the lost testicle with an implant that will closely resemble the “ real” testicle. This remains a very popular procedure.

    Testicular Enhancement Surgery – from £8695

    If you are unhappy with the size of your testicles it is possible to use implants placed adjacent to the real testicles to give more fullness to the scrotum and make the testicles look bigger. This procedure can be performed with a penis enlargement surgery if desired.

    Scrotoplasty – £6600

    Do you have excess skin in the scrotum that makes the scrotum look unattractive?. Does it cause discomfort in underwear or in hot weather? A scrotoplasty could be the answer.

    Pubic Fat Pad Liposuction – £6500

    If you have excess fat in the pubic area it can be a source of embarrassment and discomfort. It can also make the penis look shorter than it actually is. Indeed, we often perform this procedure together with penis enlargement surgery.

    Pubic Lift – £7995

    If your problem is excess fat and overhanging skin, then a pubic lift would be the way forward. This procedure removes excess fat in a liposuction procedure and excises excess skin at the same time.

    Circumcision/Frenuloplasty – £2995

    More and more men are choosing to have their penis circumcised. It can be done as a stand-alone procedure, and many men choose to have one at the same time as penis enlargement surgery.

    Also if you have problems with your frenulum these can also be corrected in a straightforward surgical procedure, without or without the penis enlargement.

    Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy – £995 per session

    PRP uses the healing power of your own blood to repair damaged tissue. It’s a great erection booster and we have many patients who swear by its natural healing properties. Some men choose a PRP booster at the same time as penis fillers.

    Shockwave Therapy – £260 per session

    A popular treatment in early-stage Peyronies disease is to help alleviate pain. It is also used in erectile dysfunction therapy, usually in combination with other treatments.

    Penis Reduction Surgery – £14,195

    Moorgate Andrology is one of the few centres in the world that perform penis reduction surgery. It is performed by Dr Nenad Djakovic, uro-andrologist.

    We can reduce both the length and girth of the penis or just length or girth. The penis can be reduced to the chosen size.

    Adult Hypospadias Repair – £7000

    We see many men in the clinic who have problems with hypospadias. Surgery can correct hypospadias. Please note that we only treat adults for hypospadias repair.

    Other Services

    We also offer other diagnostic services such as Ultrasound scans of the penis and genitals, and general laboratory investigations as required. Please ask about these when you contact us.

    If you have questions about any other genital surgery or treatment not listed here, please get in touch with us. All patients will be provided with a personal quotation depending on their individual requirements.

    The cost of your procedure includes:

    Your initial consultation. This is usually with a Patient Co-ordinator. They will guide you through the whole journey at Moorgate Andrology.

    A pre-operative assessment with one of our Andrology Specialists or non surgical Doctors, making sure that you are both suitable for the procedure in every aspect.

    Your procedure performed at a choice of some of the UK’s finest private hospitals, with the option of an overnight stay , or complimentary hotel stay for you and a partner.

    Aftercare. Your Doctor or Surgeon will see you for your follow up care supported by his medical team. Our dedicated patient care team available for any general questions you may have from booking your procedure right through to the last check up.

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