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Our History

Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology maybe the most famous UK brand for reconstructive Urology and Gynaecology, but this has not happened overnight.

The priority at the outset was to source some of the best Urologists in the world, to provide the very best, and most up to date, Urology and Andrology procedures in the UK. This was not an easy task, as only a handful of fully qualified Urologists were able to demonstrate that they had the expertise that we were looking for. Many Urologists wanted to join Moorgate Andrology , but few had the training and proven experience, especially in the latest techniques in procedures such as penis enlargement and Peyronies disease.

Over the years Moorgate were able to bring on board some of the finest Urologists in the world. This was a difficult task as there were very few with the skills we needed to bring with them the latest procedures that we wanted for the patients.

About ten years ago now the BBC contacted Moorgate And as word began to travel fast that we were the “go to” provider for penis enlargement surgery. The demand for penis enlargement was growing and the BBC knew this. They wanted to make a documentary about the work of Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology, and follow the journey of two patients who undergo surgery. The documentary “The Penis extension clinic” was born and this aired on BBC3 which had just moved to an online platform. The response to the documentary was incredible, far more so than anyone (including the BBC) could imagine. The documentary became one of the most watched BBC programmes, hitting position 18 of all the BBC networks at the time.

In more recent times, our service expanded into a complete genital surgery provider with the introduction of a gynaecology service through GMC Specialist registered Gynaecologists. Now Moorgate is the most popular genital surgery brand in the UK, carrying out thousands of procedures every year in the United Kingdom through its expanded network of clinic and hospital facilities.


Why Moorgate?

Our Urologists and Gynaecologists are selected for not only their credentials but their expertise and experience in their discipline. We retain the services of some of Europe’s best-known Urologists and Gynaecologists. All are fully registered to practice in the UK, and they are all on the General Medical Council register of Great Britain. We do not work with Plastic Surgeons, general surgeons, aesthetic Doctors or Nurses. You can be assured of being treated by Specialist in the field of Urology or Gynaecology, depending on your personal requirements.

Why Trust Moorgate?


Patient discretion is taken very seriously here. Most men who visit our consultation locations and hospitals choose to tell absolutely nobody about the procedure or surgery they are about to undergo.

That’s fine of course, after all, it’s a personal thing. It can help to have the help of a loved one or friend, even if it’s just to get you to the hospital and home again.

You have a choice of consultations in a clinic or hospital facility, or on zoom video from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Will my treatment be kept confidential?


Penis Enlargement Clinic

Our Penis Enlargement Clinic is the most famous centre for penis enlargement in the UK.

Since the flagship documentary “The Penis Extension Clinic”, Moorgate Andrology have become the UK’s chosen “go to” to enlarge your penis.

Our penis enlargement clinic is led by a highly skilled team of Urology and Andrology Surgeons. Our Andrologists have a particular interest in penis enlargement surgery and they have established work in areas such as penis girth surgery where we are now achieving girth increases not seen in the UK before.

We carry out more penis enlargement than any other UK provider. We were the first to introduce penis fillers to the United Kingdom and we have pioneered the techniques used today by most UK providers.

All penis enlargement procedures are carried out by Specialist Urologists, no less.

The Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology Journey

At Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology we have carried out thousands of consultations, treatments and surgical procedures.

We have an effective system for your first consultation to your very last check-up. It is a structure that we have developed over several years, and we continue to enhance and update it.

Arranging medical procedures and the surgical operation takes very careful preparation and involves a few people both medical and non-medical. The plan to prepare you in the safest possible way for your penis enlargement journey and ensure that everything runs according to both yours and your specialists wishes.

Meet The team

At Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology we have a hand-picked team of Urology and Gyanecology Specialists. They are supported by other medical specialists such as Anaesthetists, Psychologists and Nurses.

Our surgical Urologists and Gynaecology are registered on the GMC (General Medical Council of Great Britain) Specialist register for Urology or Gynaecology. This is your assurance you will have a highly qualified Specialist in male or female genital surgery.

The first step of your journey is to arrange a consultation so that you get can all the facts that you need. When you have a consultation with a Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology Urologist or Gynaecologist, you will get plenty of opportunities to ask all the questions you have, so that you can get all the facts that you need, to make an informed decision.

Consultations are available in Central London, Preston and Sheffield, and also via Zoom from the privacy of your own home. Consultation location and availability will vary depending on the Specialist chosen for your procedure. In many cases, weekend and evening consultations are also available.


Moorgate has a network of nationwide surgeons and clinics, simply find your nearest clinic below:

Harley Health Village,

64 Harley St, Marylebone, London,W1G 7HB

Parkhead Consultancy

356 Ecclesall Rd South Sheffield,S11 9PU

First Trust Hospital Durton Lane,

Broughton, Preston PR3 5LD

International Patients

At Moorgate Andrology we receive patients from all around the world

Our knowledge and experience in procedures such as penis enlargement has led to discerning patients choosing us for their penis enlargement.

We are experts in the planning of surgery for patients from overseas. Take a look at the typical patient journey here and see how we can arrange your procedure with the same efficiency and care.