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One option to treat erectile dysfunction is to try a topical cream. If you have just started to have problems with erectile dysfunction, it could be worth a try. Applying a cream to help stimulate your erection does not involve any discomfort as with penile injections for example.

What are these creams and how do they work?

These creams contain the same drug that is used in injection therapy. The cream is absorbed through the skin and they are fast acting. It can begin to work in as little as five minutes after applying the cream.

How do I apply the cream?

First you should wash your hands before touching the cream. Erectile dysfunction cream usually comes in single application doses.

Then you should squeeze the tip of the penis so that you widen the opening slightly. It is helpful if you hold the penis upright and retract the foreskin if you are not circumcised.

Then place the tip of the plunger (through which the cream will be expelled) as close to the tip of the penis as you can. Then press the plunger so that the cream is released within the urethra.

Hold your penis in an upright position for about 30 seconds. Don’t waste any cream, if you notice any around the glans (head of the penis) push it gently into the urethra.

What do I do after applying the cream?

Sexual stimulation may be required to assist in getting an erection strong enough for intercourse.

If you partner is of child bearing age, or is pregnant or lactating, you should wear a condom as a precaution.


How does it compare to other Erectile dysfunction treatments?

There are a range of options to treat erectile dysfunction. The most important step when you are first having difficulty getting or sustaining an erection, is to seek medical advice. This could be from your GP or privately with a Urologist.

Similarly, if you find that your current treatment is not working well, you should seek medical advice before changing treatments, this is especially true if you are already taking medication for your ED.

All men respond differently to treatments and you need to be professionally monitored when taking any erectile dysfunction treatment.

What is the next step?

If you are having problems with your erections then get in touch with us today and arrange a consultation with one of our Urology Doctors. The most important step is to assess what is causing your impotence so that the Doctors can advise you properly.

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