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What to expect before and after penis fillers

The effects of penis fillers may not be permanent, but it’s still important to consider them carefully. There are non-surgical penis enlargement options with penis fillers and a surgical option with a fat transfer. Both options have their pros and cons and it’s important to make the right choice for you.

Before the appointment

For anyone interested in penis fillers, we recommend having an initial chat with one of our patient coordinators. This is a chance for us to explain the available options (not all penis fillers are the same, including the Doctors that inject them) and provide detailed information on each. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask questions and learn exactly what happens before and after the penis fillers are injected. Once you know enough, you can then finalise your decision and book an appointment. This procedure is available in London, Manchester, and Sheffield, and, depending on your schedule and commitments, you can choose from a range of weekday and weekend time slots.

After your appointment

Penis filler is a minimally invasive treatment and well-tolerated by almost all patients. Because Moorgate Andrology injects penis filler via a cannula (rather than a needle), recovery time is minimal, you can go straight back to work. We were the first to introduce cannula treatments for penis filler in the United Kingdom, others have followed since.

Hyaluronic acid filler takes around 14 days to settle. As such, we recommend avoiding all sexual activity – including masturbation – during this time.

Penis filler results 

Results will vary depending on several factors, including the original size of your penis and the volume of filler injected. The more filler that is injected, the thicker the penis will be. The longer your penis shaft is, the more filler it will take.

However, most people see a 2-5cm difference in size after receiving their penis fillers.

Most patients will have between 10 and 20 ml on their first session. The most popular option is 15ml.

Beware of having too much filler in the first treatment. We do not recommend 30ml of filler and upwards, in your first treatment, as offered by some other providers. This is because you must massage the penis after the injection to help ensure even distribution of the filler (we will teach you how to do this in the right way). This is more difficult to do successfully with very large amounts placed in one treatment session.

You will be able to see the enhancement immediately of course, and it will continue to improve for several weeks after the procedure – as the penis fillers fully integrate into the tissues and the hyaluronic acid absorbs water. The results of penis fillers are temporary. Depending on the type of hyaluronic acid filler that you choose, you will need to top up treatments between one and two years to maintain the results.

If you would like more permanent results, then an alternative procedure you could consider is a penis girth fat transfer.


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Moorgate was the first name for penis enlargement injections in the UK. Others have followed since, but Moorgate still retains the edge in the very latest techniques for superior results every time. Our techniques are unique to us and are the reason why discerning men choose us and return to us for their penis thickening injections. Watch the documentary now to find out more about penis enlargement injections.

Penis fillers, designed to increase the organ's girth, have gained in popularity, cosmetic surgery groups say.


Dr. Nenad Djakovic

Dr. Nenad Djakovic is a specialist Urologist and Andrologist on the General Medical Council Specialist register for Urology.

By choosing a Urologist for your penis fillers you can be assured of being cared for by an expert in male genital surgery and non-surgical procedures.

It’s easy to check if any Doctor is a specialist, registered Urologist by going to the GMC website here and entering the name of the Doctor:

Dr. Nenad Djakovic has been performing penis fillers for Moorgate Andrology for a number of years. As a Urologist, he is able to give nerve block anesthetics to make the treatment more comfortable. Almost all other clinics rely on topical anesthetic cream, which makes the procedure painful. The technique of Dr. Djakovic ensures a pleasant and comfortable treatment in the safest hands.

Dr. Djakovic is a busy reconstructive Urologist performing many complex procedures on the penis and genitals. He receives referrals to Moorgate Andrology from all over the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Scotland.

He has built a big following for penis fillers over the years and has patients coming back time and time again for top-up treatment because they trust him, and they are a testament to his results that make him the leading specialist registered Urologist for UK penis fillers.

No other Specialist Urologist on the GMC register performs more penis fillers than Dr. Nenad Djakovic. He has received positive feedback from many patients on our Trustpilot listing for a wide range of penis procedures, including penis fillers.


Dr Gerasimos Fragkoulis

Dr Gerasimos Fragkoulis is a GMC Specialist Registered Urologist He studied medicine at the University of Patras in Greece, qualifying in 2008.

Between 2008 and 2009 he was a medical private in the Greek army, caring for ill soldiers.

Following residencies in general surgery he became resident Urologist in the general hospital at Tripoli. His work here included time in the emergency department dealing with mostly urological emergencies.

From Tripoli he moved to Athens to become Resident Urologist at the Athens general hospital.

In the UK, he has worked in a number of NHS Hospitals including in Guildford and Bradford. He has also carried out private Urology and Andrology procedures in Harley Street London and In Preston.

He performs a wide range of surgical procedures including endoscopy, andrology, Uro-gynaecology, and Oncological surgery.

In the UK he also has a large following for functional and restorative Andrology procedures including Penis fillers, PRP therapy for erectile dysfunction and Peyronies disease, consultations for Erectile dysfunction and peyronies disease. Botulinum toxin for treatment of erectile dysfunction, and shockwave therapy for various andrology conditions.

Dr Fragkoulis has published a number of articles in the field of Urology and is the co-author of the chapter ‘Peyronie’s Disease’ within the book Aesthetic Urology.

He is a fellow of the European Board of Urology and his GMC specialist registration number is 7684350.

Dr Fragkoulis is available for consultations and procedures in London , Manchester and Sheffield


Frequently Asked Questions

Moorgate Andrology has the longest experience in penis fillers in the UK compared to any other provider. We only use hyaluronic acid fillers, which have a successful track record of use in the penis.

Our treatments are performed using the cannula method. Again, we were the first clinic to introduce cannula treatments for penis fillers in the UK,  others have followed since. Our results are second to none based on our many years of experience, and perfecting our injection technique.

Most clinics will inject your penis with needles. This is considered by top aesthetic Doctors as an outdated model. It is also considered outdated in facial aesthetic injections where almost all the leading aesthetic Doctors use a cannula instead of a needle.

A cannula has a blunt tip rather than a sharp needle and does not require repeated ‘stabs’ that you have with a needle, only one or two entry points. As it has a blunt tip, there is almost no bruising compared to the usual level of bruising encountered in the penis after injection with needles. It is also considerably safer.

Aesthetically the results are far superior with less risk of lump and bump formations, so commonly associated with injection with needles.
In the beginning, of course, everyone injected with a needle. Our Doctors have sworn that they will never go back to injections with a needle and that a fact endorsed by many of our Patients who come to us from other clinics after needle treatments.

Penis fillers don’t require a general anaesthetic, Unlike penis enlargement surgery. To make sure patients experience the most comfort we give a block anaesthetic at the base of the penis to make it numb. This method ensures the most comfortable experience for patients. The hyaluronic acid also contains a local anaesthetic.

Penis fillers are perfect for busy men who don’t have time to recover for long periods. Although the results might not be as dramatic as a penis enlargement fat transfer, being able to get top-ups regularly without taking time off work,  is a big bonus.

With penis fillers, you can go back to work immediately. Your penis may be a little sore after penis filler, as it can cause your penis to bruise and perhaps swell slightly. Once this settles down, your penis will be thicker in both the flaccid and erect states. It does not affect your ability to urinate, and you will still get normal erections. Indeed erections are a good thing as they help to oxygenate the penis and promote healing.

  • Avoid sex and masturbation

We advise all of our patients to avoid sex or any activity involving their penis for 14 days after the procedure. This ensures that the penis heals properly giving the best results possible; having sex too soon can cause filler migration and lump and bump formations that may need further treatment.

  • Massage the penis

It’s highly recommended to massage your penis following penis fillers as this ensures the best possible outcome. You should massage your penis between your hands, feeling for any lumps and bumps that can be massaged away. Try to massage five or six times a day for at least one to two minutes. If you notice any filler gathering at the foreskin (assuming you are not circumcised) then keep the penis upright as much as possible in the underwear. Most patients do not experience any lumps after treatment.

Penis fillers take a very short period to fully heal, which is why many men like them. You will be able to resume sexual activity after 14 days with a thicker penis.

At Moorgate Andrology, we use only tried and tested fillers for the penis. We never use filler that is contraindicated for the genitals.

Today, the cost of penis filler injected by a FULLY QUALIFIED UROLOGIST starts at only £ 132  per ml.

If you do your research, you will see penis fillers being offered even lower than this. Some dermal filler is being used in the UK, which is contraindicated for the genitals, meaning that it should not be used in the penis.

Our penis filler prices are the most competitive in the UK 

Most penis filler lasts between one and two years, depending on the type of filler chosen. At the top-up treatments, you are likely to need around half the amount that you had in the first treatment. This means that your top-up treatments should be around half the cost of your first treatment. In the first treatment, most patients will have somewhere between 10 and 20 ml injected. This will depend on how thick you want your penis to be and the length of your penis. If you have a long penis, then it will take more penis filler to get to the same point as someone with a short penis.

Your first treatment is always the most expensive. Thereafter your treatments will be cheaper because you won’t need as many to top up the results and you will always get them at the lowest possible rate as a returning patient.

Lastly, it should be remembered that penis filler will require ongoing treatments to maintain its size. The other option to increase penis girth is of course the fat transfer. This is considered a permanent procedure. Around 30% to 40% of all penis filler patients will go on and have a fat transfer at some point. This is because they eventually want something more permanent, and they see that the ongoing costs of having penis filler eventually work out far more costly than a penis girth fat transfer. Expect to pay around £7995 for a penis girth fat transfer with a specialist Urologist.

It is vital that you understand which filler is being used in your penis. If a filler is chosen that only lasts six months, the treatment will work out very cost prohibitive and you are unlikely to keep up with the treatments.

The quantity of hyaluronic acid that is used in the penis is far greater than that used in the face. For example, only one or two ml’s may be needed to increase the volume of the lips. Typically between 10 and 20 ml is used in the penis to achieve a good augmentation. Therefore, you need to ensure that a filler is chosen which lasts at least one year between top up treatments. Anything less than one year is not financially viable.

In most cases, the filler chosen for the penis is a so called “deep tissue filler“. These fillers are used in the cheeks and they are suitable for the penis because they last longer than other hyaluronic acids.

The longest lasting hyaluronic acids available now have a duration for most patients of two years. At this point, you may find that the filler is absorbed by around 50%. Then you are going to need a top up treatment to bring your penis back to its size when you had the first treatment. Of course, these top up treatments are generally cheaper because you will not need as much filler as the first time.

Penis filler top ups are a reality of hyaluronic acid penis enlargement. This is because hyaluronic acid breaks down in the body, slowly over time.

At the very outset, you should know how long the penis filler is generally meant to last. Not all hyaluronic acids last exactly the same amount of time. Some only last a matter of a few months whilst others may last for up to two years.

Some providers of penis fillers will focus on short term hyaluronic acids because it is their financial interest to keep you going back to the clinics as often as possible for top up treatments. This can make the top ups very costly because the time period between the treatments is very short. Some clinics may claim that longer lasting fillers are more difficult to mould and may try and persuade you to have other fillers with a shorter duration. Of the fillers that last up to two years, we have not found any that are more difficult to mould than others.

Of course, at the end of the day, it is the patient that chooses how long to wait before getting his penis filler top up treatment. It’s fair to say that most men do not wait until all the filler has been absorbed before getting a top up treatment. In most cases, men come back for top up treatments slightly before the expected top up date. This is because they like the way the penis looks when the girth has been enlarged and they don’t want it to deplete too much from the results of the first treatment.

Waiting longer for the top up treatment time is absolutely fine of course. Some men will wait until the filler has almost all absorbed, but this is not usual.

Since Moorgate Andrology introduced penis fillers to the UK several years ago, they have become incredibly popular. They are a non-surgical way of increasing penis girth both in the flaccid and erect state.

However, like all medical procedures they carry risks which although rare in most cases, they should be understood and taken on board.

Firstly, one has to consider who is performing this treatment. In recent times clinics have opened across the UK offering this service. They are usually Botox and filler clinics offering mostly facial procedures. It is vital that this treatment is performed by an experienced medical professional with extensive training and knowledge in male genital procedures. In this country, this is usually a Specialist Urologist. They have such specialist training in male genital procedures. Starting with a suitably qualified Urologist is the first step to ensuring a safe treatment.

When you have satisfied that your treatment is going to be performed by a specialist Urologist you can focus on the treatment itself. In the United Kingdom, the treatment of choice is hyaluronic acid injections.

Even in the best hands, all procedures carry risks. When adding anything to the penis to increase its girth there is always the risk of minor lump or bump formations. However, with hyaluronic acid these are easily treatable with an injection of an enzyme called Hyalase to dissolve them.

Other risks include infection, but this is seldom seen in this treatment, but not impossible.

So the takeaway message here is to make sure that as a patient you give yourself the very best chance of a safe penis filler treatment. Start by ensuring that your practitioner is GMC Specialist Urologist and focus on a hyaluronic acid filler rather than any other product to increase penis girth, where results are only temporary. Make sure that you follow the port treatment advice to the letter to ensure a good aesthetic and medical outcome.

Penis filler is undertaken using hyaluronic acid injections. These are more commonly known for filling in wrinkles in the face, augmenting the cheeks, and enlarging lips. In recent years they have become very popular for increasing penis girth both in the flaccid and erect state. They were first introduced to the United Kingdom around nine years ago by Moorgate Andrology.

The main difference between injecting filler into the face and into the penis is the quantity used. In the face, it is common to use maybe one to two ml’s to achieve a good result. In the penis, much larger volumes are required to give a reasonable increase in penis girth. In most cases, men will start with somewhere between 10 and 20 ml’s. Most urologists agree that 10 ml is about the minimum required to see an appreciable difference and that not much more than 20 ml should be injected at any one time. Perhaps the optimum amount is around 15 ml.

Of course, the amount of filler to be chosen is largely a decision for the patient. Much will depend on how thick he would like the penis to be, and how much filler he can reasonably afford at any one time. It should be remembered that it is perfectly possible, and sometimes ideal, if the amount is built up steadily over time. A smaller number of ml’s could be chosen and then a second treatment can be performed some weeks or months later to add to the girth.

Some men do choose to return to have a second treatment some weeks after the first and a similar quantity of filler is injected. This does give a significant increase in the penis girth of course, but it should be remembered that all hyaluronic acid treatments are temporary and at some point, a top up treatment will be required to maintain the new look. The number of ml’s at a top up treatment is around half the quantity injected at the first treatment, assuming normal absorption rates. If the absorption rate was greater than the norm then it may take more filler at the top up treatment.

Watch the post treatment interview

Hyaluronic acid offers a non-surgical treatment to increase penis size, specifically girth. The treatment only lasts for a short period of time but can create immense benefits for men who choose it. Hear from Stuart who recently had the procedure below.

Have you seen our new Penis Fillers BBC Documentary? Are you curious to see Stuart’s before and after images? Click the button below to have a look.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Moorgate Juvederm Volux Filler

This filler was one of the first that we used to increase penis girth. It is (on paper) the longest-lasting hyaluronic acid available in the UK, with a duration of up to two years between top-ups.

However, from the thousands of patients we have treated, we know that most come back for a top-up at about 18 months on average.

This is a widely trusted brand filler but is the most expensive one in the range.

It is the filler of choice for penis glans enhancement.

  • Trusted penis filler with a long track record (Moorgate were the first to introduce this range in the UK as a penis filler)
  • Easy to mould
  • Good form results in the penis shaft
  • Preferred for penis glans enhancement
  • FDA approved dermal filler
  • More expensive than other options

Moorgate Neuramis Filler

This is our most popular penis filler with good longevity of results and an extremely competitive price.

Moorgate Neuramis lasts around 18 months between top-up treatments for most patients. Of course, you can come back for a top-up earlier than this, or leave it over 18 months, the choice is yours. From the many patients who choose Moorgate Neuramis for their preferred penis filler, the average duration between top-ups is 18 months.

  • Good duration of results
  • Most competitively priced penis filler
  • Discounted prices for repeat treatments
  • Easy to mould
  • Good smooth and firm results in the penis shaft
  • CE Approved dermal filler
  • The Highest Purity Hyaluronic Acid