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Moorgate was the first name for penis enlargement injections in the UK. Others have followed since, but Moorgate still retains the edge in the very latest techniques for superior results every time. Our techniques are unique to us and are the reason why discerning men choose us and return to us for their penis thickening injections. Watch the documentary now to find out more about penis enlargement injections.

Penis fillers, designed to increase the organ's girth, have gained in popularity, cosmetic surgery groups say.

What to expect before and after penis fillers

The effects of penis fillers may not be permanent, but it’s still important to consider them carefully. There are so many penis enlargement options available, and to make sure this is the right decision for you, it’s good to know exactly what to expect before and after penis fillers.

Before the appointment

For anyone interested in penis fillers, we recommend having an initial chat with one of our patient coordinators. This is a chance for us to explain the available options ( not all penis fillers are the same ) and provide detailed information on each. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask questions and learn exactly what happens before and after the penis fillers are injected. Once you know enough, you can then finalise your decision and book an appointment. Penis fillers are available in London, Manchester, and Sheffield.  and, depending on your schedule and commitments, you can choose from a range of weekday and weekend time slots.

After your appointment

Penis filler is a minimally invasive treatment and well-tolerated by almost all patients. Because Moorgate Andrology injects penis filler via a cannula (rather than a needle), recovery time is minimal, you can go straight back to work. We were the first to introduce cannula treatments for penis filler in the United Kingdom, others have followed since.

Penis fillers take around 7 to 10 days to settle. As such, we recommend avoiding all sexual activity – including masturbation – during this time. If after the stabilisation period comes to an end, you notice any small lumps or bumps, we will smooth these (via hyaline) completely free of charge. We are one of the very few clinics that offer free remedial treatments after penis fillers.

Penis filler results 

Results will vary depending on a number of factors, including the original size of your penis and the volume of filler injected. However, most people see a 2-5cm difference in size after receiving their penis fillers. The longer your penis is the more filler it will take. Generally speaking, most patients will have between 10 and 15 ml on their first session. Beware of having too much filler in the first treatment. We do not recommend 30ml of filler and upwards, in your first treatment, as offered by some other providers. This is because you must massage the penis after the fillers to help ensure even distribution of the filler. ( we will teach you how to do this in the right way )  This is more difficult to do successfully with very large amounts placed at the same time.

You will be able to see the enhancement immediately of course,  and it will continue to improve for several weeks after the procedure – as the penis fillers fully integrate into the tissues and the hyaluronic acid absorbs water. The results of penis fillers are temporary. Depending on the type of penis filler that you choose, you will need to top up treatments between one and two years to maintain the results.

If you would like more permanent results, then an alternative procedure you could consider is a penis girth fat transfer.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is the Moorgate treatment different?

    Moorgate Andrology has the longest experience in penis fillers in the UK compared to any other provider. We only use hyaluronic acid fillers, which have a successful track record of use in the penis.

    This is important as the UK is now flooded with cheap, unregulated filler, some of which is finding its way into the penis. This is a worrying trend. If the price of the penis filler offered elsewhere seems to be too good to be true, please proceed very cautiously. Most UK Urologists will only work with top brand fillers.

    Our treatments are performed using the cannula method. Again, we were the first clinic to introduce cannula treatments for penis fillers in the UK,  others have followed since. Our results are second to none based on our many years of experience, and perfecting our injection technique.

    As a footnote, we also have the longest-lasting hyaluronic acid filler for the penis, a duration of two years between top-ups. Penis fillers require topping up every so often, so you need a product that lasts !. Our premium filler ensures that you get the best results,  and for the longest possible time.

    Not surprisingly, our premium filler is the most popular choice for penis filler in the UK.

    What is the cannula technique?

    Most clinics will inject your penis with needles. This is considered by top aesthetic Doctors as an outdated model. It is also considered outdated in facial aesthetic injections where almost all the leading aesthetic Doctors use a cannula instead of a needle.

    A cannula has a blunt tip rather than a sharp needle and does not require repeated ‘stabs’ that you have with a needle, only one or two entry points. As it has a blunt tip, there is almost no bruising compared to the usual level of bruising encountered in the penis after injection with needles. It is also considerably safer.

    Aesthetically the results are far superior with less risk of lump and bump formations, so commonly associated with injection with needles.
    In the beginning, of course, everyone injected with a needle. Our Doctors have sworn that they will never go back to injections with a needle and that a fact endorsed by many of our Patients who come to us from other clinics after needle treatments.

    How long does recovery take after penis enlargement injections?

    Penis fillers don’t require a general anaesthetic, Unlike penis enlargement surgery. To make sure patients experience the most comfort we give a block anaesthetic at the base of the penis to make it numb. This method ensures the most comfortable experience for patients. The hyaluronic acid also contains a local anaesthetic.

    Penis fillers are perfect for busy men who don’t have time to recover for long periods. Although the results might not be as dramatic as a penis enlargement fat transfer, being able to get top-ups regularly without taking time off work,  is a big bonus.

    With penis fillers, you can go back to work immediately. Your penis may be a little sore after penis filler, as it can cause your penis to bruise and perhaps swell slightly. Once this settles down, your penis will be thicker in both the flaccid and erect states. It does not affect your ability to urinate, and you will still get normal erections. Indeed erections are a good thing as they help to oxygenate the penis and promote healing.

    How can you speed up recovery after penis filler?

    There are a few things you can do to ensure your penis heals properly following penis fillers such as;

    • Avoid strenuous lower body exercise for 3 days.

    This is just a precautionary measure to give a little time for the treatment to settle. We want to minimise the migration of the filler in the first few days as much as possible.

    • Avoid sex

    We advise all of our patients to avoid sex or any activity involving their penis for ten days after the procedure. This ensures that the penis heals properly giving the best results possible; having sex too soon can cause filler migration and lump and bump formations that may need further treatment.

    • Massage the penis

    It’s highly recommended to massage your penis following penis fillers as this ensures the best possible outcome. You should massage your penis between your hands, feeling for any lumps and bumps that can be massaged away. Try to massage five or six times a day for at least one to two minutes. If you notice any filler gathering at the foreskin ( assuming you are not circumcised ) then keep the penis upright as much as possible in the underwear.

    How long for a full recovery after penis filler?

    Penis fillers take a very short period of time to fully heal, which is why many men like them. You will be able to resume sexual activity after ten days with a thicker penis.

    At Moorgate Andrology, we use only tried and tested fillers for the penis. We never use filler that is contraindicated for the genitals.

    Watch the post treatment interview

    Hyaluronic acid offers a non-surgical treatment to increase penis size, specifically girth. The treatment only lasts for a short period of time but can create immense benefits for men who choose it. Hear from Stuart who recently had the procedure below.

    Have you seen our new Penis Fillers BBC Documentary? Are you curious to see Stuart’s before and after images? Click the button below to have a look.

    Penis fillers treatment. Have you seen our patient on ITV this morning show talking about his penis fillers?

    Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

    Penis Filler Premium

    Moorgate Andrology Introduced the longest lasting hyaluronic acid for the penis to the UK.  This was an instant hit with our patients, especially those who are used to only 6 to 12 months duration, like most other fillers out there. The premium filler from Moorgate lasts around two years and is without question the best value penis filler in the UK today. If you are having hyaluronic acid injections and you are only getting six months to one year duration from your penis filler, look at the premium penis filler from Moorgate Andrology, and start getting better value.

    Our premium filler is from a highly regarded, world famous manufacturer so you can be assured of a safe, reliable hyaluronic acid filler for your penis. Please avoid cheap imported filler with no track record in the penis. We are aware of filler being used in the UK in penis enlargement that is not meant to be used in the genitals.

    Penis Filler Standard

    Our standard penis filler comes from the highly respected Sinclair Pharma Company.

    It has a duration of 12 to 18 months for most patients before a top-up treatment is required.

    Our standard filler is a tried and trusted dermal filler in the UK with excellent safety and quality record.

    With our standard penis filler, we can inject up to 20 ml of filler at any time to give superb girth gains. If you want even more girth following the recovery period, we can top up at any time. We have patients who come back regularly to achieve incredible penis girth gains in both the flaccid and erect states.

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