Why Moorgate

Why trust Moorgate?

Moorgate Andrology have a handpicked team of Specialist registered Urologists. All of our Doctors are on the general medical council specialist register for Urology. This is the minimum requirement for any Doctor wishing to work with Moorgate Andrology.

We recommend that whomever you choose for your male genital surgery, then it should be performed by a GMC Specialist registered Urologist. You can check your Surgeons qualifications and registrations by going to the general medical council website and entering the Doctors details. If it does not say Urology, then the Doctor is not a Urologist/Andrologist.

It’s easy to check the Surgeons qualifications by copying and pasting this website address – https://www.gmc-uk.org/

All male genital surgery procedures are carried out in Care Quality Commission registered Hospitals.

We have a choice of Hospital in London and In Preston, both a north and south option.

We have a dedicated Patient care team who are on hand for you throughout your procedure with Moorgate. They provide arrangements and ongoing support, before and after your procedure.

Aftercare is a critical part of the overall procedure and our Urologists provide personal on going support and care for you after the procedure.

We have staff with over 35 years of experience in helping people achieve and fulfil their hopes and expectations from surgical and non-surgical treatments.

We have a network of consultation centres across England where you can meet us to discover more about your procedure.

Consultations on zoom video are also available with our Urologists. This is a great option if you don’t live near a Moorgate Andrology centre.

Finance is available for all male genital surgery procedures with established and trusted lenders. Moorgate makes male genital surgery procedures and treatments affordable for most. There are flexible payment options too including 0% finance.

Moorgate Andrology is at the forefront of male genital surgery in the United Kingdom. Here are just a few reasons why you can trust us to take care of you throughout your procedure:

Moorgate provides you with clear and comprehensive patient information.

In almost all cases this information is sent to you after your consultation with the Urologist. This gives you the opportunity to fully understand the procedure you are having, and it gives you the opportunity read through the important aspects ahead of your planned operation in your own time. We go the extra mile to make sure you are well informed.

It’s not just about the procedure. We will arrange aftercare appointments with your Urologist and keep the channels of communication firmly open at all times.

Any pre-operative tests that are required, are arranged by Moorgate, with established laboratories. We ensure that your Specialist has full access to all pre-operative investigations that have been advised before your procedure.

Video consultations?

We can take time out for a zoom consultation if this is more suitable for you. These have become hugely popular since the covid pandemic and are here to stay and our patients find them very convenient and easy. Of course, when we need to see you in the clinic or hospital we will arrange an appointment for you.

Can’t make it for a consultation?

We can take time out for a Skype or telephone consultation if this is more suitable for you.