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At Moorgate we carry out thousands of genital procedures every year. In fact, with every year that passes, we carry out more than the last.

This trend looks set to continue to rise.

There are a number of reasons why people choose Moorgate for genital surgery and procedures,

here are perhaps a few key ones:

  • We are living longer. Therefore, maintaining sexual performance is seen as a real possibility.
  • Many people tell us that their partners have had private surgery or procedures. We hear “now it’s my turn” a lot at Moorgate.
  • The rise in online dating has meant that people entering new relationships want to do so feeling positive about themselves.
  • We all know about the huge pressures facing the NHS, many people turn to Moorgate because they are not prepared to wait months or even years for their procedure

We know that getting a GP appointment can be difficult, again people don’t wat to wait to see a Specialist.

That’s why we provide consultations with Urologists and Gynaecologists so that people can come along to a clinic and get some information and discuss matters openly, without any obligation. We also offer zoom online consultations , often with even quicker access to a Specialist, usually within two weeks.

We work hard to raise awareness in genital surgery and procedures and the availability of advice from leading UK Specialists. We have appeared in a number of TV programmes and documentaries over the years, including a ground-breaking documentary from the BBC about the work of Moorgate Andrology.


Just give us a call or complete the enquiry form and our team will be in touch to make an appointment for you. We have evening and weekend appointments available too if it’s better after work.