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This is a surgical procedure performed at Moorgate Andrology to correct Peyronie's disease and protecting penis length

It is a popular procedure because it is a length-preserving procedure. Other procedures, such as the Nesbit procedure, performed on the NHS, will straighten the penis but will leave it shorter than it was before.

In the case of the Nesbit procedure, the worse the curvature, the more the shortening.

Plaque incision and grafting surgery aims to make the penis straight again whilst preserving the penis length at the same time.

If you imagine your penis now when it is erect, you will notice that your penis has a longer side and a shorter side. It may appear that your penis is shorter than it was before. Your erections may or may not be affected also.

Plaque incision and grafting surgery use a man-made graft, a patch, to allow the formation of new collagen within the tissues after straightening the penis surgically. Unlike the Nesbit procedure where the incisions are on the longer side of the penis, plaque incision and grafting surgery involve incisions on the shorter side of the penis to make the penis straight. This leaves the gap which must be filled with the graft.


This surgery will make your penis straight again and protect its length. Of course, it should be remembered that whatever is done to the penis now will never be exactly the same as it was before. However, plaque incision and grafting surgery give patients the opportunity to correct their penile curvature and protect the penis length as much as possible.

Full recovery from plaque incision and grafting surgery takes around six weeks. You cannot have sexual activity for six weeks after the operation. Most patients are back at work within a few days but it is best to avoid strenuous activity and sporting activity for the six-week recovery period.

Plaque incision and grafting are particularly suitable where the curvature of the penis is fairly significant and where the Nesbit procedure would leave considerable shortening.

Consultations are available with our Urologist Dr. Nenad Djakovic for plaque incision and grafting surgery, either in the London hospital or on zoom video. If you are not close to London then the zoom video consultations are a great way to find out more about plaque incision and grafting surgery and how it may help to fix your Peyronie’s disease.

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