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Ligamentosis surgery. The permanent way to make your penis longer.



Men now realise that it is possible to make the penis longer.

There are proven scientific ways to do this including penis enlargement surgery, or so-called “ligamentosis surgery” and by using a penis extender after ligamentosis surgery to increase the erect length of your penis.

As penis enlargement surgery can increase also the girth of the penis, it is not surprising that most Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology patients will choose to have the penis lengthened and thickened at the same time.

Penis lengthening from a surgical perspective works by the division of the suspensory ligament. This is a thick fibrous ligament attached to the pubic bone. When it is freed from its attachments to the pubic bone, it has the action of sliding the penis forward and making it hang to a lower position.

This manoeuvre can increase the flaccid length of the penis, typically by one to two inches. From the thousands of cases performed at Moorgate Andrology, we know that 95 % of cases will achieve length gains of one to two inches and 5 % of cases will either get a bit less than one inch or a bit more than two inches.

It is worth noting that this procedure will only increase the penis length in the flaccid state, not the erect state. To increase erect length we follow up six weeks later with a penis extender, which patients will use for 12 months. This device can increase erect length by up to one inch.

It should also be noted that girth surgery also has an impact on erect length. This is because when an erection is induced, the fat disrupts the skin longitudinally as well as in girth.

Another reason why most men choose to have the penis lengthened and thickened at the same time for optimal results.

Of course, it is possible to increase penis length by using a penis extender alone. This takes some commitment of course as results are not seen perhaps for several months, and results are unlikely to meet the levels of surgery in most cases, but of course, results vary depending on the term and frequency of use.


Penis Enlargement Surgery Before & Afters

Below are examples of before and after undergoing surgery.

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