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Lets start by saying that more men come to Moorgate Andrology for penis enlargement surgery, than any other penis enlargement provider 

The desire to have a larger penis seems to have gained popularity in recent years. More men are having penis enlargement surgery than ever before, and perhaps penis enlargement is just one of the procedures that have captured the imagination of men looking to get the body and looks that they want.

The average erect length of the human penis is approximately 5.1 inches long and average erect girth is 4.5 inches. It should be noted that the flaccid length of the penis can sometimes bear little resemblance to the erect length of the penis. Men with a relatively short flaccid penis can have a perfectly average penis on erection, whilst others seem to grow little from the flaccid to the erect state.

Many men choose to have their penis lengthened because they see their friends and gym colleagues with a longer penis than their own. This can lead to a feeling of inadequacy and a reluctance to participate in sporting activities or undress in front of other men , or women.

An interesting fact to know is that the stretched length of the flaccid human penis also correlates with the erect length.

It should be remembered that when measuring your penis you should do this in the same conditions each time. This is because certain factors can influence the size of your penis. For example room temperature, anxiety levels, the time of the day and state of sexual arousal.

Men can take some comfort in that they have the thickest penis of all primates. Studies in the USA have concluded that women seem to prefer a thicker penis to a longer penis, and that penis size overall has a bearing on sexual satisfaction.

At Moorgate Andrology almost all men choose to have their penis made thicker , either by penis girth fat transfer or penis fillers. Theories abound about why women prefer a thicker penis but many believe that it is due to the increase in the vaginal canal size over time, to accommodate the larger newborn baby’s skull.

It is thought that women may have chosen men with larger penises to accommodate their vaginal size.

It may interest you to know that in polls most women underestimate their partner's penis size.


Does Penis Enlargement Work?

One of the first questions e always get asked at Moorgate Andrology is “Does Penis enlargement work? “

Many men still find it hard to believe that they can actually make their penis bigger.

Sometimes this is because they have already tried numerous pills, lotions and potions sold on the internet, which inevitably have not worked. Their suspicions that nothing can make their penis bigger is at an all-time high.

They key to successful penis enlargement is to look at the science. There are in fact a number of ways to increase penis size, some take a lot longer than others perhaps.

If you are prepared for the long haul then you could consider using a penis extender or even jelqing exercises. Both methods are based on traction therapy. They can increase penis size over time between 1 cm and 5cm, depending on your commitment to use a traction device every day for at least one year.

In truth, many men give up on jelqing or traction devices after two or three months, usually because they haven’t seen results.

At Moorgate Andrology, we see lots of men who already own a traction device when they come to us for penis enlargement surgery or penis fillers.

Penis enlargement surgery has become very popular in recent years. Improvements in surgical techniques have meant that results are reasonably predictable in terms of both lengthening and thickening of the penis. The length can be increased between 2.5 and 5 cm in the flaccid length. This is done by division of the suspensory ligament which slides the penis forward and makes it hang to a lower position. This gives a bigger penis “on show”. Men who have this procedure are typically embarrassed by their penis size in social situations such at the gym when changing with other men, at the beach in swimwear etc.

The penis can be thickening with either a fat transfer or penis fillers. A fat transfer takes fat from the belly or the inner thighs (where the best quality fat it) and after purification, it is injected into the shaft to thicken it. This will thicken the penis between 2.5 and 5cm.

Another option to thicken the penis are penis fillers. These are temporary in nature and more expensive than a fat transfer over the medium to long term, but are performed on an outpatient basis rather than in hospital. Penis fillers work by the injection of hyaluronic acid into the shaft of the penis. The results are instant but slowly fade over 12 months to two years depending on the type of filler used.


How to make your penis bigger

Did you know that it is possible to increase both your penis length and penis girth?

You may have read many weird and wonderful ideas to do this online, but there are scientifically proven solutions to increase penis size. In this page we would like to share some of those with you .

Penoplasty length and girth surgery

Many Urologists still refer to this procedure as the “gold standard” way to increase the size of the human penis. In this procedure, the extra length comes from the division of the suspensory ligament. This is a thick fibrous ligament which when divided slides the penis forward and makes it hang to a lower position. This manoeuvre can increase the flaccid length of the penis typically between one and two inches. Urologists then place an implant called a silicone buffer to help prevent reattachment of the two cut end of the ligament. This ensures that the results of this procedure are permanent. You should know that this procdure increases only the flaccid length of the penis. If you would also like to increase the erect length of the penis then you ill use a penis extender after the surgery.

The girth of the penis can be increased  by a fat transfer. Fat is harvested from the belly and inner thighs ( where the best quality fat is) and then it is put through a special filtration process to remove blood, oil and dead cells,  before being injected into the shaft of the penis. Around 30 to 50 % of the fat absorbs in the first eight weeks, leaving impressive girth gains in both the flaccid and erect girth of one to two inches.  On erection, the fat disrupts the tissues in length as well as girth. Most Urologists agree that the fat transfer has the biggest impact on penis size.

Many men choose to have the penis lengthened and thickened at the same time.

Penis Extender

A penis extender is a traction device which is worn on the penis for one to two hours each day to help increase the penis size. They are also used after penis enlargement surgery to help increase erect length. An important point to remember here is that this device must be worn consistently for one year to see meaningful results. This is not an overnight solution and results do vary from patient to patient. There is scientific proof that penis extenders work however and we have seen good results here at Moorgate Andrology. Many patients choose to leave the device on longer than one to two hours, which is fine, but you should ensure that the penis is not stretched too much that it is painful as this can cause damage to the penis in the long run.

Penis fillers

Penis fillers have become popular in recent years as a quick and easy way to increase penis girth. Hyaluronic acid is used to volumise the penis shaft, just in the same way that it is used in the cheeks. Of course, in the penis larger volumes are used and it is normal to have between 10 and 20 ml of filler in the first treatment. The amount will be guided by your Urologist but is based mostly on the size that you would like to be and the length of your penis. If you have a particularly long penis for example, expect to have the upper end of the scale to achieve good results. Initially, penis fillers are cheaper than surgery, but medium to long term they will work out more expensive because of the need to keep “ topping up” the fillers as they break down in the body over time. This is a temporary treatment and expect to get between one and two years duration depending on the particular filler used.

There is now a flood of very cheap filler from the fat east flooding the UK. Some of this has found its way into penis enlargement. If you are offered penis filler at a very low price be sure to check the brand, and ask if it has any contra indication for the genitals. The most popular penis filler in Europe for the penis is Juvederm. This brand has the longest lasting hyaluronic acid for the penis, which is called volxtra. On average patients will only need a top up with this treatment between 18 and 24 months compared with 12 months or less for most other brands. Over 90% of Moorgate Andrology penis filler patients choose Juvederm volxtra for their penis filler, and our Urologists love it.


Surgery Options

With so many different options for penis enlargement, it can be hard to establish which are viable and which are not. Our advice is to start with evidence-based procedures that have scientific evidence within the medical community. Doing this will ensure that you have the best chance of success. The procedures for penis enlargement at Moorgate Andrology are backed by scientific evidence and all are performed only by qualified Urologists.

We are the most famous UK provider of penis enlargement surgery.

Let’s start by working out what is really important to you. Spend some time considering a few key points as we think this will shape your thoughts and help you decide which way is the best way forward to you ( bearing in mind keeping your ideas within evidence-based medicine )

  1. 1. Recovery period

Some procedures take a little longer to recover than others. If you want a procedure that offers no downtime then you won’t be considering surgery. Is time off work going to be an issue, or is your priority the results that are possible from the procedure ?. Are you prepared to wait a few weeks before you can have sex again?

  1. 2. Potential results

How important is it to you that you get guaranteed results ?.  Are you looking for an instant improvement or are you prepared to wait several months using non-surgical methods but without guaranteed results ?> What is important to you, length or girth increase…or both?

  1. 3. Your health

Are you prepared to accept risks that might be associated with some procedures ?. Are you wanting to start very conservatively with procedures with minimal risks, but potentially less exciting results?

  1. 4. Cost

How much are you prepared to invest in getting your penis bigger ?. Medical procedures will always cost more than activities such as traction devices, jelqing, etc. Are you ready to invest some hard-earned income on procedures that work?

  1. 5. Longevity of results

Are you looking for permanent penis enlargement, or something less costly perhaps but one where you need to keep coming back ?.  Are you looking for just a short-term confidence booster or are you much more serious than that?

  1. 6. Who are you willing to trust?

Would you consider a procedure that might not be performed by a Urologist or even a non medically qualified person ?. Or are you only going to consider a procedure performed by, at the very least, a qualified medical Doctor ?. Are you looking for only the best in the field, even if you have to pay a bit more?

  1. 7. Assurances

Would you like assurances about the procedure that you are thinking of having ?. For example, if you are investing serious money in penis enlargement are you wanting certain guarantees or assurances in terms of results?

Is cost a major consideration where you might not get the assurances and are prepared to lose the money if things don’t work?


Ways to Increase Size

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Still the “gold standard” penis enlargement method is the division of the suspensory ligament to increase flaccid length, often combined with a fat transfer to make the penis thicker in both the flaccid and erect state. It is possible to have just lengthening or thickening of the penis. At Moorgate Andrology about 80% of patients will have both lengthening and thickening surgery together. Of the ones that don’t choose this option, almost all choose to have the penis thickened. Results are reasonably predictable with flaccid length increases of one to two inches for 95 % of patients and girth increases of one to two inches ( in both the flaccid and erect state )  for the majority. The girth increase result depends on initial absorption rates of between 30 and 50 % in the first 8 weeks.

Most patients have a doubling of the flaccid penis size. Results considered permanent due to implantation of a silicone buffer to prevent ligament reattachment and tissue integration of the fat transfer.


  • Results considered permanent
  • The proven procedure with improved results in recent years
  • Backed by evidence-based medicine
  • Performed by Urologists in the United Kingdom
  • Increases penis length
  • Increases penis flaccid and erect girth
  • Natural way to increase girth by using own fat tissues



  • Costs more than other methods
  • Time off work required. Between 3 and 7 days depending on the type of work
  • General anaesthetic required
  • No sexual activity for six weeks


Penis Fillers

In recent years penis fillers have become more popular since Moorgate Andrology introduced them to the UK around seven years ago. They were available on the continent quite sometime before they were used in the UK. Hyaluronic acid is mostly used to give an increase in the flaccid and erect girth of the penis. Collagen stimulators were used, but are now mostly dropped in favour of longer-lasting hyaluronic acid products which have become more recently available.



  • Lower cost than surgery in the short term
  • No general anaesthetic required
  • Instant results
  • Only 10 days of abstinence from sexual activity
  • Now time off work required



  • Results are temporary (between 6 months and 2 years)
  • More costly than surgery over the medium to long term due to top up treatments required
  • Potentially poor results when performed by inexperienced Doctors


Penis Enlargement Pills

There are countless pills, lotions and potions supplied on the internet, all claiming to be able to increase the size of the penis.



  • Most only cost a few pounds



  • They do not work. There are no evidence-based medicines that any pill can make your penis bigger
  • Unregulated environment. You cannot always be sure what you are taking
  • Potential interactions with other medicines that you may be taking
  • Any improvement that you do see will be lost if you stop taking them
  • Having to remember to take pills on a daily basis



There is a lot of information online about jelqing. It seems that some men swear by the results of this technique, whilst others seem to report little improvement. The principle of this procedure is to stretch the penis manually on a daily basis. The theory is that this releases growth factors into the penis (similar to traction devices) to increase penis size.



  • Zero cost as you do this yourself.
  • No surgery or other medical intervention required



  • Potential penis damage from over excessive force on the penis
  • Can be painful ( though should not be )
  • Long term commitment is required to see any improvement


Silicone or PMMA Filler

Largely not used now in the United Kingdoms due to reported complications. This procedure is rather like hyaluronic acid fillers, they are performed on an outpatient basis in a clinic. The difference between this treatment and Hyaluronic acid filler though is this one is non-absorbable.



  • Lasts longer than Hyaluronic acid fillers
  • Costs less than penis enlargement surgery
  • Faster recovery than surgery



  • Infection risk
  • Lump and bump formations difficult to treat
  • Most UK Urologists won’t use these substances

Penis Enlargement Medicine

For hundreds of years men have been trying various lotions and potions to increase penis size.

At Moorgate Andrology we have met with plenty of men who have been unable to resist the urge to “have a go” and in some cases causing damage to the penis.

For the most part, its usually online pills or creams that have tempted many. Its true to say that there is no evidence to suggest that any pill or potion can increase the size of the penis. However, this is a multi-million pound online business and it does not stop the next “miracle pill” from being sold as a way to get a longer and thicker penis.

Worse perhaps than online pills and potions, are the attempts made by men to increase their penis size by injecting substances into their penis.

We have seen many men who have bought hyaluronic acid online and self-injected it into the penis shaft. In its worst form, this has led to erectile dysfunction and at best a very lumpy and ugly looking penis. It may seem easy when done by a doctor, but self-injecting the penis is never to be recommended, unless to treat erectile dysfunction, and even then only when trained to do so by a qualified Urologist.

Dermal filler, usually used to fill in facial wrinkles, is now used by some clinics to increase penis girth. As dermal filler is easily available online it is just too tempting for some men to try it for themselves in the hope that they will save a few pounds.

Those that have tried have often called us in a blind panic at the outcome.

Similarly, petroleum jelly keeps popping up as another commonly injected substance to increase penis size with similar worrying results.

Beyond hyaluronic acid, all sorts of beads and balls have been used to boost penis girth. We see many of these at Moorgate Andrology. Quite apart from one’s view of the aesthetic aspect of doing this, they can lead to nasty infections and necrosis (dying) of skin tissue. We have removed all sorts of materials from underneath the human penis.

It should be mentioned here that before you take any medication to increase penis size, or apply anything to the skin, you should speak with your doctor. They could interact with existing medication that you may be taking, or worse make your medication ineffective. Always seek professional help before undertaking any course of medication.

Remember also that pills and potions sold online may originate from overseas with less than robust regulations on the manufacture, sales and claims of such medications.

If you want to enlarge your penis then seek professional advice from a Urologist and make sure that you are on the right path.


Food for Penis Growth

We get asked by our Patients about food for penis growth, and eating habits generally to improve their sexual function.

We have not seen any evidence of any food that directly increases penis size.

However, there are foods that can help boost your erection strength by encouraging blood flow to the penis. This stretching of the penis on erection keeps the penis healthy and oxygenated, which is not a bad thing for your penis. A stronger erection can make your penis look bigger, even though your penis size may not be actually bigger itself.

We should start by saying what NOT to do to improve your penis size, and that is smoke tobacco. Studies have shown that smoking reduces blood flow to the penis and therefore inhibits erection strength and quality.

On a positive note, there are foods that you can try to boost your erection quality and keep your penis looking it’s maximum best on erection.

These foods can help blood flow to your penis, and it is all about blood flow for hard erections and a great-looking penis.

  1. 1. Chillies

Chillies get the blood circulating like only hot chillies can. Look in the mirror after eating a hot chilli and you will see what effect on blood flow these power punches have.

  1. 2. Oily fish

You just knew oily fish was going to be on this list, didn’t you ?. Oily fish is great for the arteries and anything that keeps the blood flowing around freely (including your penis) is great for your penis health.

  1. 3. Red wine.

First of all moderation is the key here. Drink too much of this stuff and you will have the opposite effect of what we are trying to achieve. However, a glass or two per day will also give you a good dose of resveratrol. This enhances the production of nitric oxide which allows the blood vessels to expand. If ou don’t drink at all though, this is not a bad option either, total abstinence.

  1. 4. Spinach

Popeye knew what he was doing !. Spinach contains folate which encourages blood flow. Low folic acid is known to play a part in ED, so top up on your spinach whenever you can.

  1. 5. Coffee

Some reports suggest that coffee drinkers report less erectile dysfunction than those who drank very little coffee. More research is needed in this area.

  1. 6. Nuts

A handful of nuts a day can work wonders for your penis strength. We are back to the benefits of nitric oxide here as walnuts contain arginine an amino acid used to make nitric oxide.

Generally speaking try to keep to a healthy diet. Piling on the calories can lead to excess fat on the supra pubic area which can make the penis look smaller than it really is.


Do Penis Enlargement Oils Work?

The short answer is no they don’t.

There are no oils that you can rub into your penis which will make it bigger, either flaccid or in erect state.

Of course, that does not stop me trying. We have seen many things that have been massaged into the penis to try and make it bigger.

Most of these oils and creams have not had any negative effect, mostly just no effect at all.

However, please be very careful applying anything to your penile skin that claims to increase penis size. This is because you may not know the origins of the cream or oil and you could end up with skin problems as a result.

We have seen skin rashes and even skin necrosis from various oils and potions that have been rubbed into the skin of the penis to make it bigger.

It never ceases to amaze us how rough some men can be with their penis too. Vigorous rubbing, stretching or jelquing can lead to penis disfigurement at worst, or penile skin problems at best.

If you have any existing skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, you should be very careful applying unknown lotions or oils to your skin. They can lead to breakouts of your skin condition as a result.

Massaging the penis with oils or creams may lead to increased blood flow to the penis. This can give an impression of size increase. However, this will only be temporary due to the stimulation of the penis. There are no pills, lotions or oils that are backed by medical evidence as being effective for penile enlargement.

Above all, do not be tempted to inject any oils into your penile shaft or glans to make it bigger. This can lead to serious damage to the penis, we know we have seen here at Moorgate Andrology what happens when guys self-inject oils into their penis shaft.


Are there penis enlargement side effects?

All medical procedures carry the risk of side effects and penis enlargement is no different.

In the United Kingdom, Urology and andrology specialist practices, such as Moorgate Andrology, focus on penis enlargement surgery and penis fillers as ways to increase penis size.

Although most patients do not experience complications with either treatment modality, you should be aware of them.

Penis fillers are generally considered safe. They should be injected by a fully qualified medical professional such as a Urologist. Injecting fillers in the face is not the same as injecting them in the penis, and you should be sure that the medical professional treating you has specialist training in Urology for the safest possible outcome.

Even in the best hands penis fillers carry risks, these include:


  • Bruising at the treatment site ( settles within days in most cases )
  • Soreness and tenderness at the treatment site ( settles within days in most cases )
  • Minor lump and bump formations as the filler settle into the tissues (settle usually with massage but can also be treated with an enzyme to break them down)
  • Filler migration, especially to the foreskin (treatable)
  • Filler migrates to the lymphatic system (rare in professional hands)
  • Filler migrates to the venous system (urgent treatment needed here, rarely seen in professional hands)
  • Rapid absorption of filler (seldom seen, but can happen)
  • Skin necrosis (death of penile skin tissue, possible but very rare in professional hands)


Penis enlargement surgery is commonplace only to a handful of specialist Surgeons in the United Kingdom. This is a highly specialised surgery and there are only two or three centres in the UK with significant experience of this procedure, one of which is Moorgate Andrology. We carry out more penis enlargement surgery than any other UK provider, and this hasn’t changed for several years. Once again, in the right hands, penis enlargement surgery is considered a safe procedure. However, as with all surgical procedures, there are risks. Most patients do not experience them but you should be aware of them.

Here are some of the key potential side effects of penis enlargement surgery:

  • Infection requiring removal of the silicone buffer in the lengthening process ( very rare , less than 1 % of cases )
  • Bruising and swelling from the donor site of the fat transfer ( common, settles within a few weeks )
  • Numbness from the donor site of the fat transfer (rare, usually returns with time )
  • Lump and bump formations after the fat transfer (less common now due to improved surgical techniques, but treatable)
  • Fat migration to the foreskin in uncircumcised men (usually settles with post-op massage)
  • Skin necrosis (death of penile skin tissue, possible, but very rare in professional hands)


These lists are not meant to be exhaustive, but they represent the key side effects of penis fillers and penis enlargement surgery. Your Urologist will go through everything with you at your consultation and answer any questions you may have about penis enlargement side effects.


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