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Scrotox is a community term to describe the process to inject botox into the scrotum.

The injection of botulinum toxin into the scrotum can help with a number of conditions, including if you require it for cosmetic reasons, affecting the scrotum. These include:

  • To relieve pain
  • Improve the wrinkled appearance of a more relaxed scrotum
  • Improve excessive sweating in genital region
  • Make the scrotum look bigger
  • To make your testicles hang lower
  • Improve your sexual experiences

What is Scrotox?

You would be forgiven for assuming Scrotox was the name of an unfortunate medical condition.

Quite the opposite, however, Scrotox is a portmanteau word, like smog, which combines parts of multiple words to create a new word. Here, we use scrotum and botox to get Scrotox.

But why are men opting for Scrotox and is it something that could help you?

Who needs Scrotox?

An injection of botulinum toxin, botox, was traditionally used to treat conditions including chronic scrotal pain (CSP), inflammation, and in some cases, erectile dysfunction (ED).

However, when considered as part of scrotal rejuvenation, the injection of botox into the scrotum is for purely aesthetic reasons, rather than medical ones.

If you choose to opt for Scrotox, the benefits include:

  • Your scrotum is less wrinkled and can look larger or fuller
  • Scrotal sweating will be reduced
  • The testicles will hang lower from the body
  • Sexual experiences can be improved thanks to an increase in self-esteem

How is Scrotox administered?

As with traditional botox procedures, Scrotox is administered via an injection into the scrotum.

If botox treatment has been suggested by a specialist urologist for medical intervention, the injection site may differ. Your expert urologist can give you advice based on your personal circumstances, but if being used to treat erectile dysfunction, the injection site will be placed on the corpus cavernosa on the penis, while if you’re struggling with scrotum pain, it is likely to be injected into specific areas of the scrotum.

Before your injection, a local anaesthetic is used, either in the form of a numbing cream or an injectable anaesthetic that will numb the injection site/s.

Once numb, your urologist will inject the scrotum with the toxin, taking care to ensure the whole area is covered.

Afterwards, your urologist will clean up any bleeding and send you home.

What is Scrotox recovery like?

The Scrotox procedure is relatively quick, taking on average around 30 minutes and you are free to leave once completed, you will not need to stay at the clinic.

You may feel a little tenderness after the procedure, alongside a tight feeling and a little bruising at the injection site – this should pass within the following days.

While you can go back to work or go home to relax, it is not encouraged that patients do any very vigorous exercise, including heavy lifting, and abstain from sexual activity for at least the rest of the day.

You should notice the effects of your treatment within a few days, and these can last for around 3-6 months, though this will vary on a patient-by-patient basis.


What's the next step?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The procedure is performed with the aid of local anaesthetic. This can be in the form of a numbing cream or injectable anaesthetic. The treatment takes around half an hour and involves a specialist Urologist injecting botox into your scrotom ensuring that the whole area is covered.

In most cases the treatment lasts around three to six months. This is the average of course, and your treatment may last longer or shorter than the average time. The treatment is not permanent, and you will need top up treatments to maintain the results.

All treatments are performed only by GMC Specialist registered Urologists.

You will be able to go home directly afterwards. You will not need to take any time off work. Your scrotum may feel a little sore after the treatment. This is perfectly normal and will subside in the following days.

Avoid any heavy lifting or engaging in sexual activity on the same day as the treatment. It is normal for the scrotum to feel tight at first and you could see bruising at the injection site.

Results will be evident in just a few days.

In most cases your Urologist will start conservatively with around 50 units of Botox. Your Urologist will be able to decipher the amount you need when you have a consultation and examination. In some cases, more Botox is required, up to 100 units or even more.

Patients who have a thicker scrotum require more. You should know that it is not a permanent treatment for the improvement of the scrotum.

Injecting botox for scrotal enhancement is so called “off label”. It is considered a safe treatment, but you should know that all such treatments carry risks. Firstly, we would advise that wherever you choose to have Scrotox procedure that you ensure the treatment is performed by a fully qualified Urologist. This is your assurance of being treated by a specialist Doctor in make genital procedures.

Side effects of Scrotox may include temporary light pain due to swelling and bruising of the scrotum, soreness, numbness, tight feeling in the scrotum and the surrounding skin. There have been reports of lower sperm count, but these reports come from tests on laboratory rats.

Botox is used elsewhere in the body for a number of clinical indications and other side effects have been reported in these indications, which should be considered.

Before anything starts, your Urologist will give you some topical anaesthetic cream to apply to your scrotum skin. This anaesthetic cream you will apply yourself in the clinic. Usually this takes effect after a few minutes, and you will feel the scrotal area become quite numb. After ensuring that the scrotum is numb the Urologist will start the treatment.

Scrotox is an injectable treatment, it is a very similar process to Botox injections in the forehead. You may feel the Doctor working in the scrotum area, but you should not feel any pain. If any parts of the scrotum feel more sensitive, just let the Urologist know. More topical anaesthetic cream can be applied to numb these small areas up more.

Most patients tolerate the procedure very well. In any event the procedure is very quick, taking a matter of minutes to complete in most cases.

This is a question that loss of men asks when they are considering Scrotox. The results include lower hanging testicles that look fuller and bigger. This is one of the reasons that men choose to have Scrotox, they like the look of the testicles hanging down and therefore a fuller appearance of the genitals, in underwear for example. However, after Scrotox the usual ascending and descending of the testicles is affected. The testicles are always hanging in a lower position.

For those men who are trying to father a child, Scrotox may not be recommended by the Urologist.  A 2014 study showed reduced sperm count. but this was in tests on lab rats. If you are considering starting a family, you should arrange a consultation with a Urologist to advise you on your suitability for Scrotox procedure at this particular time.

Scrotoplasty surgery is a commonly requested procedure for many men. At Moorgate Andrology this is often combined with a penis enlargement surgery for a complete genital makeover.

This may be due to the fact that many men do not know about Scrotox, injecting botox into the testicular skin, or perhaps they are looking for a more permanent solution to the problem. Scrotoplasty has long lasting results whereas Scrotox injections provide temporary results.