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What’s involved in the scrotoplasty procedure?

Before the operation starts the Anaesthetist will give you an injection to make you sleep for the duration of the operation. This means that you will feel nothing during the procedure.

It will take around one hour to complete the surgery. The procedure involves the removal of excess skin in the scrotum.

The area is then closed with dissolvable sutures. This means that they will fall away naturally in the following weeks after the scrotum lift surgery.

When the surgery is completed, you will be taken to a recovery area, and you remain there for two to three hours in most cases. You should be given something to eat and drink and then you will be discharged. You will go home with antibiotics for the first week and some pain relief medication.

If you have excess scrotal skin then you will know it’s no joke. Quite apart from the way your scrotum looks, it can be uncomfortable in underwear. Thankfully, there is a solution with a procedure performed by our Urologists called a scrotoplasty.

What results can I expect from a scrotoplasty?

Many men complain of discomfort from loose skin on the scrotum. This can be very uncomfortable in hot weather.

You should notice a distinct improvement with this. Also, the scrotum will appear much more natural looking without the characteristic sagging of the skin.

Some men also report that their penis seems bigger without the excess hanging of the scrotum.

It will take some time for the result to appear of course. In the beginning, your scrotum will be swollen and a little bruised. This is normal and it will take around six weeks for everything to settle down and you can see the result from the scrotoplasty.


What is the aftercare like after a scrotoplasty?

In the first week after surgery, to remove excess skin, you should take some time to recover and around one week off work. You will need to avoid sports and gym for six weeks and all sexual activity for the same period. At the outset your scrotum will feel sore, and it will take a while to settle down.

Make sure that you take the full course of antibiotics, even if you have no symptoms of infection, this is important. You will also have pain relief medication which will help with any soreness in the first week after surgery.

You should try different underwear to see which is most comfortable for you. Some men do well with tighter fitting, supportive underwear and others seem more comfortable in boxer shorts. Make sure you have a selection in before the surgery, so you have them at hand to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

You will have check-ups with the Urologist of course and it is important that you do not miss these as your progress needs to be monitored in the early weeks after surgery. You will be able to shower after a few days, but your Urologist may want you to take showers rather than baths at first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scrotoplasty is usually performed under general anaesthetic and takes around one hour.

The cost for scrotoplasty is £6600. There may be additional pre-operative tests which may be required, depending on your medical history. The above fee includes all other medical and hospital costs for the procedure.

You should arrange to take some time off work after scrotum lift surgery, depending on the type of work that you do. Most men take around one week off work after the procedure to recover.

You should expect some swelling and bruising to the scrotum after the scrotal lift procedure which is perfectly normal. This may take a few weeks to settle completely. When you are discharged from hospital you will be given antibiotics and pain relief medication for the following week. You may have some post-operative pain and discomfort, but it should not be anything you cannot manage with the pain relief medication you will be given.

Most men who undergo scrotoplasty only have the procedure done once. Like all cosmetic surgery though, you cannot stop the aging process. The skin of your scrotum may increase in laxity with age. If you have excess scrotal skin that is causing you discomfort and embarrassment, then this should be a one-time scrotal lift procedure.

Scrotoplasty is performed by specialist urologists at Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology. These specialists have advanced training in male genital surgery procedures. They will also be responsible for your aftercare after the scrotoplasty.

Finance for scrotoplasty is available, subject to status. Now you may be able to borrow the total amount for the procedure and have flexible repayment terms. Interest free finance is also available up to £500 over one year. It is easy to apply for the finance. So just contact us and we will guide you through the simple process of arranging how to pay for your scrotal lift.

We conduct scrotoplasty at both London Harley Street and our hospital in Preston, just north of Manchester.

It will take six weeks for everything to settle down after a scrotal lift, but then you can resume sexual activity.

It could be up to six weeks before you can get back to the gym after a scrotal lift. You may be able to do upper body work, but you should check with the Urologist before doing so. You must avoid all contact sport for a full six weeks.

Because the surgery is performed under general anaesthetic, you will need someone to come to the hospital to collect you. If you need help with travel arrangements, we can arrange to have you collected from home and taken there and back to the hospital for the surgery.

Yes, this is possible, a so-called “combination operation”. Of course, the Urologist will need to assess you at consultation to confirm that this would be possible in your case. It is possible to both lengthen and thicken the penis at the same time as a scrotoplasty.

The most important thing is to wear what feels comfortable. Some men feel better is supportive underwear, whilst others prefer loose fitting boxer shorts. You could ensure that you have both available after the surgery so you can try both and see what is most comfortable for you.

It is possible, but you may find the procedure uncomfortable. If you have any concerns about the anaesthetic, then we can arrange a consultation with the anaesthetist to discuss the options. Most patients recover quickly after the general anaesthetic for scrotoplasty because it is only a one-hour procedure. You will come to the hospital in the morning about one to two hours before the procedure and you are usually discharged around two to three hours after the procedure.

It may be one week before you can drive again. You should avoid sitting in one place for too long in the first week. Make sure that you are comfortable at the wheel before you resume driving.

Following scrotoplasty surgery, you may experience erections, such as nocturnal erections as you normally do. These are nothing to worry about and they should not cause any disturbance to your recovery. The important thing to remember is that you should not engage in any sexual activity, including masturbation when you do get an erection until the Urologist has advised you it’s okay to do so.

You should avoid all sexual activity for a period of six weeks after scrotoplasty surgery. Of course, your Urologist will monitor your recovery over the first few weeks and advise you when it is safe to resume sexual activity. All sexual activity also includes masturbation.

Once the wound has healed there should be no restrictions on your sexual activity. If you are in any doubt, then seek the advice of your urologist.

The Urologist will advise you when you can return to sexual activity. Do not be tempted to have sex too early because this could compromise your recovery and delay wound healing.

The location of the scar is something that the Urologist will discuss with you based on the presentation of your case.

For example, if your problem is excess skin at the junction of the penis and scrotum, then the Urologist will need to cut this excess skin away. If your scrotum has a lot of excess skin, however, then there may be a requirement for an additional surgical approach, such as a vertical incision from the penile-scrotal junction. The aim of the procedure is to ensure a good cosmetic result whilst minimising the scars and their visibility as much as possible.

We perform a scrotoplasty under general anaesthetic. This means that there is a little preparation that you need to do for the surgery.

Firstly, make sure that you have some time off work planned after the surgery. Most guys will take around one week off work, but if your work involves lots of heavy lifting, you may need a little longer. If you smoke, you should stop or at least cut down as much as possible for six weeks before the surgery.

Try and avoid alcohol for one week before surgery too. Make sure that you attend for the preoperative tests. If they are swab tests that you do at home, make sure that you do them on the correct date and post them directly to the laboratory.

It is also important to attend any preoperative consultations when they are booked for you. If you miss your consultations your surgery will have to be postponed.

What should I do next?

The next step is to arrange a consultation with one of our Urologists. This will give you the opportunity to ask all those important questions and get a full examination at the same time.