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Meet the Moorgate Andrology and Gynaecology team

Our Patient Care Team

We have a dedicated patient care team to take care of you from the moment you book your procedure to the very last check-up.

Our Patient care team is divided in two departments, pre-treatment/surgery and post treatment/surgery.

Our Pre-treatment team are responsible for booking your procedure, any pre-treatment tests that are required, and they ensure that all the required paperwork is collected and fully completed.

Scarlett leads our Pre-treatment care.

They will guide you and help you every step of the way to ensure everything is in place.

Our Post treatment team take over after you have had your procedure. They will arrange your follow up appointments with the Urologists and any additional medications or procedures that required.

Pauline leads our post treatment team.

Open and consistent communication with patients is important and that is why we dedicate staff to this part of the service. Each step of the booking journey is important to make sure nothing is missed in the run up to your procedure. Just as important is the aftercare to ensure a smooth and seamless recovery. Our post treatment care team are on hand for any questions you may have as you recover from the procedure. Advice and support are the cornerstone of a good recovery process.

Our General Manager is Toni Merry. Toni has ten years of experience at Moorgate Andrology and leads the whole team to ensure a high-quality service.

When you go to the hospitals and clinics to see the Urologist you may meet Michael. He supports the Urologists in clinic and reports to the patient care team with any additional instructions from the Urologists. He can also help on the day with any questions of a non-medical nature, such as dates available for the procedure, costs and finance etc and payments.

When you make your initial inquiry to may speak to David. He has a wealth of knowledge about our procedures that he can share with you, and he will arrange your first consultations for you with the Urologist. He is there to provide as much information as you need including broad information about how different procedures work, what they cost, how you may be able to finance them, how much time you may need off work, and dates available for the procedure.

All matters finance is managed by our Finance Manager, Melissa. If you need information about any payments you want to make, or have made, she can help.

At Moorgate, we have a dedicated team of staff to guide you through your procedure. All are specially trained in the area in which they work, ensuring we deliver the kind of service we promise to our patients.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are a nationwide organisation with locations across the UK.

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