How to get the most out of your penis surgery

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Does penis lengthening have to be repeated?

When the penis is lengthened the suspensory ligament is cut. As part of the surgery the surgeon inserts a silicone buffer to help prevent the ligament reattaching to the pubic bone. If the ligament was to reattach then the procedure would have to be repeated. However, if a buffer is used to stop the ligament from reattaching then the procedure is permanent.

Does penis fat transfer have to be repeated?

Fat transfer remains the longest lasting option in penis thickening. Other options to improve the penis girth include dermal fillers which last between one to two years. A fat transfer should last many years before a top up treatment is required. Provided that the fat has a healthy blood supply it can be expected to survive long-term.

Why is it important to massage your penis after penis girth surgery?

After surgery minor lumps  and bumps may be seen or felt underneath the skin. In the first week or two the fat is mouldable. The surgeon will show you how to massage the penis to help even out any minor imperfections after the surgery. With modern fat transfer there  are now sophisticated fat purification systems available that are used by most surgeons carrying out fat transfer, these help reduce the amount of fat lumps and  bumps after surgery.

Can I have the fat transfer to penis repeated?

If significant girth gains in penis size are wanted then it could be that two fat transfer procedures will be required to meet your expectations. In one procedure about 100 to 120ml of fat is usually transferred. A repeat procedure can usually be performed about three months after the first procedure, assuming everything has settled down well after the first procedure.

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