A Complete Guide To Pubic Fat Pad Removal

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What is pubic fat pad removal?

Many men develop excess fat in the pubic region. This can be as a result of being overweight. This excess fat can be removed successfully in a liposuction procedure. Also, if there is excess skin a procedure called a pubic lift can be performed to remove this skin at the same time as the fat. These are both surgical procedures which can improve men’s confidence greatly.


What does pubic fat pad removal involve?

A small liposuction procedure is performed under general anaesthetic to remove the excess fat in the area. By removing this excess fat the penis may appear longer because when the pubic area has excess fat it can make the penis look buried and therefore smaller than it actually is. This procedure is sometimes carried out before the patient embarks on a penis enlargement journey.


Will pubic fat pad removal make my penis look larger?

Yes, excess pubic fat can make the penis look very small. When looking down at your penis, if there is excess pubic fat, it may not be possible to see your penis at all. In some cases if the pubic fat is accompanied by excess skin then the penis maybe completely hidden when looking from the front. By removing this excess pubic fat, the penis will look larger.


Is pubic fat pad removal safe?

The procedure is performed using a liposuction technique. Before your surgery your surgeon will assess your medical history to make sure that you are fit and well for the surgery. This procedure maybe performed under local, twilight or general anaesthetic. You should discuss the most appropriate anaesthesia for you with the Surgeon and anaesthetist responsible for your procedure.


Does pubic fat pad removal last?

In most cases men who have their pubic fat pad removed tend to keep off the excess weight and therefore the fat. It is not an excuse to eat whatever you desire after the surgery. You must make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle even after the excess pubic fat has been removed to ensure that the results of the surgery are maintained.

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