The Industries Dos and Don’ts

If you are looking for male enhancement or simply known as penis enlargement surgery or penis enlargement injections, here is our free checklist to help you get to the right place and right treatment that’s perfect for you.

The DO’s of Penis Enlargement

Do: Seek help from a GMC qualified Urologist or Plastic Surgeon for Penis Enlargement. You will know by now that your options are limited. Penis enlargement is a highly specialised field. However, this should make narrowing your choices much easier. Check the credentials of your Surgeon on the General Medical Council register. The GMC has a website that makes it easy to check this in minutes.

Do: Choose a clinic with ALL penis enlargement options at their disposal. Some clinics focus only on one aspect (either non-surgical biased or surgical) get the full picture from a clinic with a broad set of skills.

Do: Ensure that you have a full in-depth consultation with the Surgeon or Doctor who will perform your procedure. This should take around half an hour to one hour.

Do: Get full written confirmation of everything that is included in your procedure. (TIP: check what happens if you need a revision treatment or surgery if there is a complication)

Do: Ask for written confirmation of the fees. Check for ways to pay.

Do: Plan properly for your procedure. Some important considerations might be:
->Time off work
->Abstinence from sex for a while
->No sport or gym for a while
->Doing what the clinic tells you to do after the procedure

Do: Ensure that you understand not only the benefits but also the potential risks and complications of the procedure. All procedures carry risk, but most Patients do not experience them.

Do: Have confidence in the medical team. There are some fantastic penis enlargement Surgeons and Doctors in the UK, we know, we have them here.

Do: Have the procedure for your own self-confidence and to make you feel better about yourself, it is not about anyone else.

The industry DONT’S

Don’t: Choose a clinic or Surgeon purely based on the price. Ask yourself why some clinics might offer you a significantly cheaper price than the industry average. What is being compromised (apart from you)?

Don’t: Be disorganised. Plan time off work and if nobody is looking after you, that you have plenty of time to rest.

Don’t: Do what guys do, ignore a problem. If you are unsure about anything after your treatment or surgery call the clinic or Doctor.

Don’t: Ignore the aftercare advice. Follow it to the letter to ensure that you have a good recovery

Don’t: Have sex too soon after treatment or surgery. This is not good, and you will spoil the results.

Don’t: Ignore the Surgeons advice. Listen to your Doctor.

Don’t: Expect miracles. Yes, your penis will be bigger, but there is a limitation even for the best penis enlargement Surgeons in the world. Make sure that you understand what’s possible.

Don’t: Suffer in silence about your penis size. Get advice from experienced Doctors and Surgeons and explore all possibilities. If you are happy, get it sorted.

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