How to get a thicker penis with penis enlargement surgery

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Penis enlargement surgery usually has two compenents, lengthening surgery and thickening surgery. Of those who go ahead with penis enlargement surgery, most decide to have both procedures done together.
However, the treatment of choice when only one is selcted is thickening of the penis.

Perhaps the reason for this is that Doctors are quick to tell us that it is the thickness of the penis that is more important than the length when it comes to sexual intercouse.

To get the penis thicker, the Surgeon transfers fat from the abdomen into the shaft of the penis. On average the penis can be made thicker by up to two inches. This makes quite a difference to the look of the penis.

Perhaps the main drawback to fat transfer is the fact that top up treatments are required in the future. The fat does not stick around foreever. During the first surgery the Surgeon removes additional fat which can be stored in special refigeration for up to two years after the surgery.

This meas that men can call their Surgeon when they notice the fat diminishing and get more of their own fat injected. This procedure is done on an outpatient basis and costs around £ 100.

Other substances have been tried as an alternative to fat to thicken the penis. However it seems that the worlds leading penis enlargement Surgeons always come back to fat transfer as the treatment of choice.

The advantage of your own fat of course is that is is not going to reject in the same way that foreign bodies can do.

Aftercare includes massaging the penis with vaseline to help prevent lumpiness of the penis. Even distribution of the fat is important to give a natural result.

Patient expectations have to be carefully managed. Most Surgeons agree that it is important not to try and transfer too much fat in the first surgery. After the first procedure Patients normally attend six weeks later for a top up fat transfer to gradually build up the thickness

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