Making a penis longer with penis enlargement surgery

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Lengthening of the penis is commonly requested by men looking to enlarge their penis with penis enlargement surgery.

Increasing the length is dony by cutting the suspensory ligament. The Surgeon makes an incision in the public line to access the ligament. The ligament itself looks like an elastic band.

Cutting the suspensory ligament makes the penis hang to a lower position. In terms of length gain anything from a few centimeters to a couple of inches have been reported. It is important to remember that the Surgeon is not going to be able to promise anything as he will not know exactly how much gain is possible until the surgery has been done.

Men seeking penis enlargement surgery must be realistic in their expectations and appreciate that huge increases in length are not going to be possible.

The suspensory ligament also affords a degree of stability to the penis. It follows that if the suspensory ligamnent is cut, this stability might be compromised to some extent. The angle of the erection might be slightly lower for example.

Also, control of the penis might be more difficult , for example, when the woman is on top.

Normally, the increase in length and the confidence this adds to personal relationships, is worth any minor compromise in the angle of the erection.

In terms of the scar after the penis enlargement surgery, this is hidden within the pubic hairline and usually fades to a fine white line.

Cutting of the suspensory ligament does not give men bigger erections. The penis is only bigger in the flaccid state. In most cases men are concerned about the penis in the flaccid state. When the penis is erect it is bigger anyway.

Where there are concerns about the size of the erection, men tend to go for thickening of the penis with fat transfer. In most cases men choose to have the lengething anf thickening procdurs together.

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