Penis enlargement injections overtake Hyaluronic acid

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Only four months ago we predicted that collagen stimulating fillers would outperform Hyaluronic acid injections for the penis, and it’s happened even quicker than we thought.

Our clinics now are packed with guys who are coming mostly for the filler. This particular product lasts between 12 and 18 months before a top-up is required. Basically, it is the direct competitor of the Juvederm Voluma Hyaluronic acid injection.

The filler is a lot cheaper (at the time of writing). A 10ml treatment of filler costs only £1750 compared to £2600 for 10ml of Juvederm Voluma Hyaluronic acid treatment.

This introductory price is proving very popular. Most men are looking forward to trying a longer lasting version next time around. The filler does give men the opportunity to at least try it to see how it looks before plumping for a longer lasting version of the same product.

The internet has been alight with news that penis enlargement injections are available at Moorgate. This is perhaps another reason why we have seen a rise in demand for this particular penis enlargement option.

We can see that in the very near future most penis enlargement injections will be done by a filler product or something very similar. Most men are looking for a penis enlargement injection that lasts longer. Obviously, the longer the product lasts the more affordable it becomes.

However at Moorgate Andrology we advise waiting until these particular products have been given the green light by Moorgate, this should be later in the year. For now, filler can offer a credible and impressive alternative to Hyaluronic acid injections. It’s also nice that Patients have a choice. What is significant is that men are starting to choose filler as they like the idea of being able to stimulate their own collagen growth.

Penis enlargement injections with Hyaluronic acid will always have a place of course. We are still very busy with these treatments but lower prices of filler and better longevity may be the ultimate decider for most patients.

Filler treatments are performed by a specially trained Doctor. Filler is not like Hyaluronic acid and it behaves in a different way. You must ensure that your Doctor has certificated training in using filler before agreeing to any injections of this product in the penis.

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